Real Life Stories of Huge Jackpots Won in Slots

Slots are so popular; you may not be mistaken to assume that most people have tried them. They are easy to learn, do not require any skill, and are chock-full of exciting graphics and sound sequences. And because they are based on luck, you have as good a chance of winning in Online Casino as any veteran player. For some people, however, this luck is very real. These players have won big playing slots, cashing winnings into the millions. Usually, the games they win are progressive jackpot slots where the pot accrues over time as players from across the globe play. And whether they wager cents or several hundred dollars, their wins are so remarkable they make their stories worth telling. Here is a look at some of these big winners.

British Soldier: $20 Million

In 2013, a British soldier from Crewe called Jon Hayward played the Mega Moolah slot on Betway. Hayward wagered a mere 25p. on the online gaming and won a whopping £13.2 million from the accrued jackpot. This translated to about $20.8 million and was an astonishing win for such a small bet. 

WWII Veteran: $25.6 Million

Tales of huge winnings in the gambling world are far from rare. But people winning millions twice playing slot games is downright extraordinary, which is the only way to describe Elmer Sherwin’s story. The 76-year-old WWII veteran won his first pot of $4.6 million playing Megabucks in Las Vegas. The win was already remarkable; so much so that he did not see the second one coming. About 16 years later, Sherwin won another Megabucks jackpot, this time making away with $21 million. This win made him one of the few people to win two mega jackpots and brought his total loot to $25.6 million. In true hero fashion, Sherman donated a significant portion of his winnings to charity.  

60-Year-Old Lady: $27 million

This 60-uear-old winner walked into Palace Station Casino in 1998 planning to only spend $100 on her favorite slots. She went a little over budget and spent thrice her intended amount. As it turned out, this was all she needed to scoop the $27.6 million jackpot. Her win was made even more special by the fact that she had previously won $680,000 playing the same game at the same casino.

Cynthia Jay: $35 Million

Cynthia Jay Brennan holds the record for the second highest jackpot win in slots history. Brennan won $35 million in 2000 playing the Megabucks jackpot slot in the Desert Inn. Sadly, she was involved in a serious auto accident several months later that left her paralyzed and her sister dead.

25-Year-Old: $39 Million

The highest slot jackpot win went to an unidentified player in 2003. The then 25-year-old played the Megabucks slot at the Excalibur Casino with a $100 wager. According to several reports, he was only trying to pass time as he waited for a basketball game he wanted to watch to start. His detour resulted in the largest slot win to date, of which he receives $1.5 million every year. 

Final Thoughts

Naturally, many of these wins were made in Las Vegas. However, this was before online gambling took over the gaming scene. Recent changes have led to big wins on online slots, including the $20 million scoop on Betway. This means that you no longer need to drive to Las Vegas to try your luck at some of these jackpots. You can do it from anywhere, anytime. And who knows, you might just break the $39 million record and become the biggest slot winner in history.