The Consumer Education on Lab Grown Diamonds


The public is now becoming educated on lab-grown diamonds. When they buy from Rare Carat they are further educated by the trained Gemologists who point out that a lab-grown diamond has the same chemical and optical features as a natural stone. It was discovered that diamonds are nearly pure carbon, so when you buy diamonds from Rare Carat. they will be the best stones on the market.

Shop White Gold Halo Engagement Rings

The new range of White Gold Halo Engagement rings, makes beautiful rings with 14K White Gold bands and sparkling lab-grown diamonds in various sizes and styles. The rings range in price from around $940, and you will receive a 4 Cs buying guide.

  • Color
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Carat Weight

When a diamond is grown under laboratory conditions it still costs money, but less than it takes to mine a natural stone. This allows the savings to be passed on to the consumer. They will also receive a diamond grading report, and all the Rare Carat reviews rate the stones and service highly 4.9/5 on Google Business Review and Trust Pilot.

What is a Lab Gown Diamond?

There are two ways to create diamonds in the lab. the older method mimics how they are grown naturally, HPHT or High Pressure, High Temperature.

CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition was created in the 1980s.

The CVD method takes place in a vacuum chamber. A diamond seed is placed in the chamber which is then pumped full of gases, mainly carbon, and the chamber is heated to around 1500 degrees. The gas liquefies to plasma releasing carbon pieces. The carbon becomes layered onto the diamond seeds allowing it to grow into a diamond.

When the diamond is removed from the chamber it looks like a roughened black cube because it is covered in carbon dust and grime, Post Growth treatment and polishing are required, this is another step in the process of bringing the beautiful diamond to the customer. 75% of all CVD diamonds come out of the growing chamber with a yellow tinge, and the HPHT process is used to remove most of it, After that the color is stable.

Some have a slightly bluish tint, resulting from the use of boron in the growing chamber to remove excess nitrogen. This is usually only visible in certain lights. The grading report will list faint blue, and it does not affect the value of the stone.

The environmental sustainability of lab-grown diamonds is becoming clear and lab-grown diamonds can have a fraction of the carbon footprint of natural diamonds. This makes them the stone of choice for younger environmentally savvy adults, and the fact that they can have a ring for a much lower price helps, to buy from Rare Carat is an educational experience in itself.

Buy Diamonds Online

When planning your online purchase a 2-carat round diamond would normally cost more than $23,000, while a lab-grown stone 2-carat costs $3,950. So the reality is you will get a much bigger stone for the same budget. Speak to the Gemologist, select your stone then click on the add to ring button to choose the setting. The larger stone will mean that some settings will show it to greater advantage than others. once you have chosen the setting click on Complete ring. After that, all that is left to be done is select how you intend to pay for the ring as there are various options available. The whole process takes a few weeks, and you receive an email the night before the ring arrives, to be at home to sign for it. All this is accomplished without even leaving your house. The Shop White Gold Halo Engagement rings are very popular at the moment with a variety of styles and designs available to choose from.


If you are unsure whether or not you have a lab-grown diamond, read the grading report under the additional information section, this will list how the diamond is grown. Often a lab-grown diamond is more perfect than a natural diamond and the report will mention any metal inclusions in the ring that may slightly tint the ring. Often these are not visible to the naked eye, and can only be seen through a jeweler’s microscope.