Xavier Toscano Triple Release Of “You Make Me Feel So Good” + “Keeps It Tight” + “Castles In The Sky”

Bay Area pop singer-songwriter Xavier Toscano believes that pop music is the essential soundtrack of our lives. Growing up on the artists that defined modern pop, he knew early on that he wanted to contribute to producing that vibrant nectar of the gods—and he’s done just that.

Over the past decade, Toscano has written, recorded, and performed songs that have found their way into our car speakers, earbuds, commercials, movies, and more. His cherished live performances leave audiences stunned and inspired by the sheer joy and energy emitted by this single-minded musician. Combining the best of rock, rap, R&B, reggae, and more, Toscano’s music calls listeners from all backgrounds to get up and dance with him. Check out his most recent album, X Marks The Spot, a 29-song hit parade that’ll get you hyped to join in on his upcoming tour in your town.

The second track on X Marks The Spot, Xavier Toscano’s “You Make Me Feel So Good” (feat. JoceLien) will have you singing its title right back at it. An absolute 3-minute 30-second long moment of its own, the track kicks off with a funky, Daft Punk-inspired club beat. Toscano growls and coos out his call to arms for all clubgoers to celebrate what they love most about going out: the freedom of the feel-good times on the dance floor.

The music video for “You Make Me Feel So Good,” directed by Benjamin Jones, will inspire you to go have a blow-out night on the town with your squad. Decked out in flashy, tribal-print garb, Toscano and his dance crew own the disco-inspired dance floor with seductive and celebratory moves. Let yourself get carried away by the energy of “You Make Me Feel So Good.”

Dance into another generation of club-inspired dance music with Xavier Toscano’s “Keeps It Tight.” This synth-heavy, two-step track will inject your day with an attitude of swag. If you’re not quite sure what to do with all those vibrations, get inspired by the colorful costumes and choreography of the music video for “Keeps It Tight.” Also directed by Benjamin Jones, the video flexes Toscano and Crew’s ability to keep it tight while transcending styles of fashion and dance.

And finally, find a comfortable come down from the night of dance in Toscano’s pop ballad “Castles In The Sky.” In the music video by Adam Parmale, we follow Toscano down wooded roads to the rocky coasts of Northern California, where he sings reminiscently over a somber piano arrangement. Gradually introducing a longing accompaniment of strings, the tune tracks the epic experience of a slow-burn heartbreak from beginning to end. Welcome back to the world of Xavier Toscano—an ever-evolving expression of human experience.

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