Rare Carat’s Impact on the Traditional Diamond Industry


Diamonds are one of the most treasured stones. They not only elicit a strong emotional reaction, but they are also a symbol of commitment and love. Others think that buying a diamond will mean a new beginning with their partner. For many decades, the traditional or mined diamond had dominated the industry, but not anymore.

In recent years, companies such as Rare Carat adopted a new diamond lifestyle- an opportunity where clients can buy man-made diamonds. Within a short time, Rare Carat diamond rings started earning a name in the market and this became a new normal. Therefore, when you want to find diamonds that offer value, this is a company you should consider.

Mined diamonds have been accused of destructive manufacturing, and being a source of constant pain to the communities that host the mines. Some African countries have been destabilized due to the economics of diamonds with the term blood diamonds used to describe such diamonds. It has been argued that a destabilized political environment is a fertile ground for exploitation in the mining industry.

The mining of diamonds comes with human rights violations. It is not uncommon to find that workers in diamond mines are paid very low wages that contravene the dignity of a human being. It is also not uncommon to find children working in diamond mines instead of being in school.

The environmental destruction that comes with mined diamonds is alarming and it’s a worrying trend. There are many derelict mines and they have a far-reaching and negative effect on the host communities. The pollution that comes with mined diamonds comes with heavy consequences to the planet.

When you are proposing to your partner, the cost that comes with this is a major factor. Bearing in mind that this might go all the way to the wedding, and the honeymoon thereafter, it is prudent that one saves money whenever possible. Compared to mined diamonds, man-made diamonds come at a cheap price and are affordable.

When you buy man-made diamonds, you are sure that the product that you buy will not be associated with civil war or human rights abuses. The man-made lab is grown in a controlled environment, and the process of making such stones is documented, with no room for human rights violations. Just like mined diamonds, man-made diamonds have strong chemical and optical properties.

Rare-carat diamond rings are sustainable diamonds. The processing of diamonds in a lab does not cause environmental degradation and does not, in any way, destroy the ecosystem. When you find diamonds that are man-made, then you know that you are a responsible consumer.

Again, just like mined diamonds, man-made diamonds can capture the imagination of the consumer. So, if you find diamonds that are man-made, you will still get the value that you seek. Do not let negative marketing about man-made diamonds deceive you because these diamonds are of high quality.

Man-made diamonds have a very good supply. The good thing with this is that such a supply keeps the prices of the diamonds in check, and the consumers can therefore afford them in both the short and the long run.

Miners in traditional diamond mining were worried that the coming of man-made diamonds would interrupt their business. However, change is inevitable, and it is time that players in the diamond industry accept profound changes in this sector. The most prudent thing is to adapt to the changes and seek opportunities for such changes.


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