Five Tips for International Students in the UK

If you plan to study in the UK as an international student, then you are here at the right place. As an international student, you must come prepared to deal with many things, including finding accommodation.

For instance, you might explore quality living at our Houston student apartments and decide on your meal, phone, and Wi-Fi plans. Obviously, you will have to arrange utilities for your place and much more. By preparing in advance, you can make your stay in the UK as easy as making a cup of tea.

The following tips will help you with your study move:

Pack the Right Things

The simple rule is to pack light, as you can buy most things in the UK. You will want to bring clothes for the cold weather, including rainy weather, strong winds, and fog, as the weather in the UK is quite unpredictable. 

If you are moving from a hot country to the UK, then you will find it shocking to experience the freezing temperatures in the UK. 

Don’t Buy Books from the Bookstore

You will want to avoid the mistake of buying books from the bookstore. It can be very tempting to go to the stores and buy the textbooks you need, but it will be very expensive as compared to ordering your books from Amazon or eBay.

Of course, you might have to wait a few weeks before you get your hands on the books, but you will save tons of money, which is what matters more. 

Choose Accommodation

You will want to do your research while choosing an accommodation that works for you, and it all starts with your location. For instance, you might find a cheap alternative, but you might not realize at that time that you will be paying more money in terms of traveling to and back from your university. 

So, you will want to be very clear about where your educational institute will be located and where you will be living. You will need to consider how much you will be spending on traveling to attend your lectures by bus or bike. 

Social Preferences

Once you know the exact location where you will be living, you will want to assess the social aspects of your accommodation. For instance, you will have to decide whether you want to live in a flat by yourself or would you prefer student accommodation to enable you to make friends and socialize with other students.

Healthcare Tips

Another tip for international students is healthcare. In the UK, when you are on a student visa, you will be eligible for NHS, which is a free healthcare provider in the UK. Registering with the NHS at least in the first week of arriving in the UK is recommended. 

Depending on where you live, you will get instructions about the doctor or clinic where you should register. Once you register with the NHS, you will find it easier to get an appointment or see a doctor to get a prescription.