Juice Tha Black Beethoven Presents Halloween 2023 Songs “Dancin’ With Dracula” + “The Transylvania Twist”

JuiceThaBlackBeethoven – ‘Dancin’ with Dracula’ – JuiceThaBlackBeethoven goes for a 50s nostalgic kick on “Dancin’ with Dracula.” Volume is a given because the whole track should be played at a party. There’s a community sensibility, the joy of coming together for the spookiest time of the year. Best of all, his voice fits the general tenor of the piece perfectly. Lyricism reflects this relatively gleeful approach, with verses cascading one after the other until they become so gorgeous. Grooves go for this physicality, incorporating pop, surf rock, and gothic elements into a tactile tone.

Right from the very beginning, the rhythm takes over. The danceability of the song becomes readily apparent. He lets the story of the music grow and build. Plenty of the experience has this warm, inviting quality. An excellent, similar approach to the evergreen classic “The Monster Mash,” there is that similar sense of purpose that guides the track along. Layer upon layer enters the fray, giving it a psychedelic swirl. Plenty of fun is on display as he goes through the litany of ghouls that reside in the night. By going for this cheeky sense of humor, he displays the trickery that comes during the Halloween season. Each reiteration of the theme becomes an ever-growing, ever-more-inclusive style to the end.

“Dancin’ with Dracula” delves into the campy side of the Halloween spirit with JuiceThaBlackBeethoven presenting a playful song, an infectious little earworm that lingers in the mind.

JuiceThaBlackBeethoven – ‘The Transylvania Twist’ – EDM gone giddy JuiceThaBlackBeethoven goes right for the ludicrous on “The Transylvania Twist.” Various textures come through – ranging from a hard-hitting drum kick to dusty organs to staccato chords. The song has this living, breathing aspect, allowing all these elements to interact. Going right for the physical, the song’s four-to-the-floor beat is bolstered by his exceptional skill. A series of balancing acts occur, the sort of things that go right for the outright ridiculous. He utilizes the lyrics further to emphasize his point, a surrender to the beat. The song packs a lot despite its short run time, thanks to the undeniably strong chops on display.

Chords extend out into the infinite for the very first few moments. Upon the rest of the arrangement coming into view, things start up in earnest. His voice feels perfect for the overall atmosphere. Side-stepping trends, the sound feels timeless, classic even. The fondness for Halloween guides the song as a cryptic stance takes hold. Going for a massive style expansion, the piece becomes purely physical as the song progresses. Clever production values help to lend the music this almost lo-fi aesthetic, dovetailing nicely into the sense of eternity that he embraces. The beats hit perfectly, allowing the punctuation of the message to become intoxicating. By the time it is at the end, the song has reached a fevered pitch, letting it all hang out.

“The Transylvania Twist” shows off the incredible keyboard playing of JuiceThaBlackBeethoven while he lets loose a series of vamps to overwhelm the senses.