Tina DeCara New Single “Bones”

Tina DeCara has an important message to her, well, I guess by the time the song ends ex-boyfriend. It is something that all guys should be reminded of, especially if they have a wandering eye. Actions have consequences; if you can’t be faithful, you are on your way. It’s not a new sentiment, but it does need updating from time to time.

And that is precisely what is happening here: Tina DeCara just taking that age-old warning and making it fresh and relevant for the modern age. She does this through the use of smooth pop gloss and gentle dance grooves, through polished production and honest and heartfelt vocals.

It runs along on a simple and understated groove, but that only allows the vocals and the message within to stand out even more, framed perfectly by the deft beats and the minimal electronica which forms the centre ground.

I guess the question is not why Tina DeCara is repeating this age-old warning to the wayward partner but why she feels the need to. Boys, they never learn, do they?