New Video By ViennaCC “When The Cats Come Out” (quirky)

International pop singer-songwriter ViennaCC is proud to rep his hometown of Vienna, Austria. Known as the theater and music capital of the world, Vienna offers its storied lineage of creativity to all who wander its historic streets. Since his youth, Heinz Riemer—ViennaCC’s real name—studied the likes of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart on piano while walking in their footsteps around town. Awakening to the sounds of modern pop he found his true heart’s home. His musical roots are Britpop and poets like Bob Dylan . He then spent years cutting his teeth with pop, rock, punk, and dancehall bands in Vienna’s illustrious nightlife scene. Now, with refined skills and an attuned pop songwriting sensibility, he’s brought his unique and fearless musicality to audiences worldwide. Explore ViennaCC’s adventurous discography that culminates in his new EP Screenshots, released in September 2023.

The closing track on his recent EP Screenshots, ViennaCC’s “When the Cats Come Out” will have you ready to hit replay before heading out for a night on the town. “When the Cats Come Out” is not just a simple story about cats frolicking in the moonlight, but an allegory about ladies in the exciting nightlife. ViennaCC is an acute observer. Over a bright and feisty arrangement of synths, drums, and bass, ViennaCC’s lyrics cleverly juxtapose lively nightlife denizens with cats prowling about the town. Listeners can explore this song over and over, never exhausting its frisky feline fun.

Nibble on some extra scrumptious kibble provided in the music video for ViennaCC’s “When the Cats Come Out.” Directed by Riemer himself, we walk side by side with the artist through city nighttime scenes of sumptuous splendor. Over the course of the video, the cats gradually turn into its midnight partygoers to join ViennaCC for an evening of endless entertainment. What do we want? ViennaCC! And when do we want it? Right MEOW!

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