Skope Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Pamela Laws “The Ones I Love”

Pamela Laws’ latest music video for her single “The Ones I Love,” which is also the title track of her new album, is a poignant and introspective journey into the heart and soul of an artist who’s unafraid to confront the harsh realities of life. In the song, Laws delves deep into the universal experience of coming to terms with the disconnect between the idealized “happily ever after” and the often unforgiving nature of reality. Inspired by personal loss, she uses her powerful voice to challenge the myths ingrained in her community, offering a refreshing perspective that shatters the illusions of a perfect life built on false assumptions.

“The Ones I Love” features the remarkable lap steel guitar talents of three-time Grammy winner Cindy Cashdollar, known for her work on Bob Dylan’s “Time Out of Mind” album. Laws, born in Houston and raised in California, draws on her Americana roots and collaborates with the likes of Jack Petruzzelli, Justin Guip, and Adam Bernstein to craft a musical landscape that transcends genre boundaries. Her journey from singing background vocals for Counting Crows to this remarkable new album showcases her evolution as an artist. “The Ones I Love” is not just an album; it’s a celebration of humanity, love, joy, and fear, rooted in the stories and experiences of South Texas. With this release, Laws solidifies her position as an artist who’s unafraid to speak her truth and invites us all to join her on this authentic musical journey.

Pamela Laws’ “The Ones I Love” is a testament to the power of music to reflect the complexity of life, offering listeners a chance to break free from limiting cultural frameworks and embrace the vastness of existence. Her ability to blend genres, coupled with her powerful storytelling, makes this album a must-listen for anyone seeking an authentic and thought-provoking musical experience.