Reggie Boone New Single “What’s Wrong”

An element of faith and love powers “What’s Wrong,” as Reggie Boone pleads with the listener to confide in him. The jazzy licks adorn the entirety of the track, featuring a silky-smooth composition. Grooves help anchor everything he does, allowing the rest of the song to unspool leisurely. The song’s growth has a lovely, spirited quality by allowing patience to remain an essential element. There is something beautiful about the sheer variety of instruments entering the fray, adding to the inherent beauty contained within. Production has a pristine aspect, with the glowing presence of the work adding to the nicely hued path.

From the first moment, the whole of the track comes into view. He starts strong, and the saxophone does a flawless job of punctuating the intensity of his words. Word choice matters as a 70s R&B meets jazz aspect adds to its seemingly timelessness. He sidesteps trends to create something that adheres to a higher calling of caring for each other. The compassionate stance is addictive, with the verses bringing the listener into this vast swimming tapestry, one with a kaleidoscopic, almost psychedelic array of textures. Despite the minimalism, it has a depth to each flourish as it reverberates ultimately for the entirety of the piece. As the song fades out, the cyclical aspect has come full circle.

“What’s Wrong” has Reggie Boone offer a personalized take on Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On,” with the verses seemingly crafted for a personal, intimate touch, an extension of that classic’s atmosphere.