Ute Lemper Presents “In The Flame”

For international superstar Ute Lemper, no topic, genre, or medium is off-limits regarding her masterful artistic expression. Throughout her illustrious, decades-long career, her talent, beauty, and creativity have transcended mastery in stage, film, concert halls, and recording studios worldwide. Her resume is simply breathtaking: translating her music into dance with the generational talent Pina Bausch; breathing life into songs written for her by diverse artists such as Tom Waits, Phillip Glass, Elvis Costello, and Nick Cave; claiming the Laurence Olivier Award for her performance in Chicago on the West End before taking Broadway by storm; reimagining the classic works of Pablo Neruda, Bertolt Brecht, Charles Bukowski, and others into song – need we say more? Shot through each endeavor is Lemper’s heart, soul, and talent, dedicated to the novel and nuanced expression of human experience. Take a flaneur through her extensive catalog and discover not just a new favorite artist but a mirror for inspirational self-reflection.

If you’re unsure where to dive into Lemper’s magnificent work, “In My Flame,” the most recent single from her album Time Traveler, offers a poignant starting point. Over a warm wall of electrical synthesis, Lemper offers her theatrical voice to a poetic reflection on the singeing emotional journey of a relationship in turmoil. The track seamlessly transitions from eruptions of ecstatic expression to intimate whispers of wishes for what could have been. Take some time to savor this sumptuous encounter with the visionary Ute Lemper. She says about the song, “In the face of our loss of innocence, a broken heart, the earth heating up, cities exploding and revolutions trying to make a change, I wanted to offer quiet and salvation inside the storm with poetic thoughts and music.”

And admire, in the music video for “In My Flame,” the influence Ute has on other artists. Behind her expressive presence of song and dance, we encounter sublime stop-motion animations of surreal scenes depicting the unceasing flow of beauty and struggle that is human life. The “In My Flame” video uses AI to draw the story to our world today. Through wildfires, nighttime cityscapes, roaring oceans, and pleasant country glens, the dreamlike journey with Ute elicits a sense of yearning wonder. Take this trip with Lemper to revel in her magic and inspire your next creative undertaking.

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