The Lori P. Davis Project Presents “Hell 2 Pay”

Shining bright from Akron, Ohio, The Lori P. Davis Project gives voice to fierce women everywhere. Headed by its sassy, classy front-woman/namesake, Lori P. Davis, the band features a cycling amalgam of Akron’s finest musicians and creatives. Lori’s been in the Akron entertainment scene for years, producing large-scale events and MCing with grace, grit, and gravitas, never allowing for a dull moment. Now, she’s bringing her confidence and vocal talents to music, crafting songs about the feminine experience—from romance to friendships, betrayal to heartbreak, and beyond. With her sights set on Nashville, her release of “Bad Boy” earlier this year expressed a vulnerable, badass account of fatal attraction.

Following the release of “Bad Boy,” Lori P. Davis’s new single “Hell 2 Pay” is an apt sequel to her hardcore debut hit. Over a sumptuous churn of grungy synths and bass, Lori frames up the story of an old fire returned and, with it, a fear of being burned once more. In duet with Mike Darby, the duo negotiate the terms of their rekindling fling. Relatable lyrics and a passionate saxophone feature will have your cautious heart once more contemplating the one that got away.

In her classic style, the music video for “Hell 2 Pay” (directed by Davis and Chuck Mayfield) paints a vivid picture of Lori’s experience. Once romanced by a bar-brawling roustabout, we find Lori going it solo—only to stumble upon her crush later in life at a local bar. Strutting her stuff seductively, she makes sure he knows it’s a long road back to her heart. Sprinkled with symbolic depictions of the vices that lead her man away, this is Lori’s warning to bad boys who won’t change their ways.

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