Malin Pettersen and Stefanos Yowhannes Release “Crying”

Norway’s Malin Pettersen recently made the jump from Americana to pop. Branching beyond her original foundation, she collaborates with Stefanos Yowhannes in her newest single “Crying”. A beautiful R&B track, “Crying” offers the very essence of pop music that shaped her formative years. Nostalgic yet fresh, “Crying” shares the solace that certain songs brough to Malin when she was young, offering a time jump back to the late 90’s / early 2000’s. The harmonious feature with Stefanos offers comparisons to an early Destiny’s Child, showcasing a great energy between the two artists.

As both trade lead vocals against a backdrop of infectious beats, we are complemented by a chorus of voices that elevate the sonic experience. Originally celebrated for her enchanting country and bluegrass harmonies, Pettersen has unveiled a remarkable transformation in her musical journey. With an audacious leap into uncharted territories, she melds both genres and emotions as well as universally relatable lyrics that resonate with listeners worldwide. Her remarkable journey has been recognized with a prestigious Spellemann award, coveted appearances on shows like Lindmo and Stjernekamp, and features in renowned publications including Billboard, Rolling Stone, and Forbes Magazine.