Value and Brilliance: Balancing VVS and VS Diamonds for the Perfect Choice


The clarity of a diamond plays a critical role in determining the value of a diamond and how well it will serve you. When you are shopping for a diamond, you need to ensure that you get the issue of clarity right. A ring is a major investment and you should ensure that you buy the right product. However, you need to be aware that diamonds that are rated highly on aspects such as clarity are rare to find, and therefore, they cost more. On the positive side, the more valuable they are.

This article will explore the value and brilliance of balancing VVS and VS diamonds for the perfect choice.

Value and Brilliance: Balancing VVS and VS Diamonds for the Perfect Choice

The sparkle of the diamond has fascinated human beings for centuries. In the field of diamonds, clarity in diamonds means the blemishes that a certain diamond has acquired in the process of cutting and polishing. The diamonds may also acquire blemishes in daily wear. This is more so if one’s career involves some physical work. The clarity of diamonds looks at the quantity extent, type, and size of the flaws in the diamond, if any.

In the diamond terminology, the term VVS means very very slightly included. And VS diamond means very slightly included. These flaws cannot be seen with the naked eye unless someone tries to use a strong magnification. Even a trained grader may have a difficulty in identifying these flaws. However, the prices between VVS and VS can be as high as 30 %.

A GIA diamond Grading Report is a standard measure of the clarity of a diamond. It gives the clarity of a diamond and at the same time, offers a plotted diagram. In addition to that, the report shows the time that a particular diamond was graded. Such a report can also be used to identify a diamond. This is because the data captured clearly records the condition of the diamond.

There is a strong relationship between the clarity of diamonds and its visual appeal. Some types of diamonds will have a higher risk of breaking or cracking. In addition to that, the clarity of a diamond determines its longevity. The challenge becomes how best to balance between clarity and other variables such as carat weight.

Knowing the difference between the two options will help you make an informed decision. However, as a consumer, you should be aware that a diamond with no or few flaws can be very rare to find, and when it comes, it will be very expensive. Therefore, one should be ready to make some compromises in order to get the best price in the market.

At the same time, some consumers want to go for the rare diamond as they believe it has a lot of quality. Others desire to have a diamond that carries a sparkle, but is still affordable. Whichever choice one will make, the market has a lot to offer, and one just needs to take time to identify the right product.

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