New Video By Jenny Grace “Dreaming”

Nashville darling Jenny Grace is no stranger to the shadows. While her classic country sound and Southern belle get-up cast spells on listeners of all generations, her storytelling leans fearlessly into the gray areas of life, transfixing saints and sinners all. Growing up with meager means in Connecticut, Jenny served as an intelligence officer in the US Army before bravely pursuing her calling in music and modeling. With releases like 2022’s “Ghost,” she’s gained international recognition through spins on The Country Network (TCN) and nominations at several independent award ceremonies, including The International Red Carpet Awards in Holland. Her raw and real songwriting reaches back to country roots while resonating with modern audiences by relating struggles of life, love, and spirituality in the 21st century. Diving back into her deep shadow, Jenny Grace plans to release a set of darker country songs later this fall. In the meantime, you can catch her performing her broad repertoire supporting some of the biggest names in country – in September, she’ll be playing the Hazy Stage at the Bank of NH Pavilion alongside the Zac Brown Band, before heading out west to the desert sands of California for a fall tour.

Jenny Grace’s latest single, “Dreaming,” tells a relatable story of forbidden love. Though emotions may roar like tidal waves and attractions may seem star-crossed, some loves just can never be. Over classic country chords and picking, Jenny belts out her forlorn ballad to the one that got away. There’s much more here than just infatuation—it’s a caged cry of deep spiritual longing amidst a life that seems to apathetically roll over our dreams. So roll down the windows, turn the volume up, and let the tears and chills roll through you as you belt along to “Dreaming.”

To further indulge your untouchable passions, roil in the romantic drama that is the music video for Jenny Grace’s “Dreaming.” Set in the lush hills of New Hampshire, we stumble into the world of Jenny and her crush as they fatefully cross paths in small-town bars and grocery stores. Dozing while scrolling pictures of her man in bed, we launch into Jenny’s dream dates with her young hunk—picnics and bucolic mountain strolls that will never be. If you find yourself tossed by a similar turmoil, this video is your permission to go ahead and give yourself a few minutes of unencumbered “Dreaming.”

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