Brian Doucette New Single ‘Day Drinkin’

Brian Douscette’s single begins quietly with an acoustic piano intro. You might think this is going to be a tender ballad. It’s not. After about twenty seconds of lovely piano, Doucette’s vocal comes in. And it comes in like a bull in a China shop, too, with full force. Here begins Doucette’s drinking song.

Doucette’s suggestion is that he and his friend engage in some day drinking. Most folks wait until nightfall to start seriously drinking hard, but Doucette just can’t wait for the sun to go down. Such impatience might suggest an alcohol problem to some. However, Doucette is not drinking to forget. No, he just wants to have a good time. And he doesn’t want to wait.

Musically, Doucette counts artists like Metallica and Keith Urban as influences, but you likely won’t hear the impact of these artists on “Day Drinkin.” Instead, much of Doucette’s vocal approach can be tied to the inspiration of rap music. Although he sings the song’s chorus, he speaks/sings the verses in rapid fire fashion.

The aim of this song is escapism. Not only is Doucette planning to escape inside a bottle, but he also sings about getting away from the hustle and the bustle of the city, and out into the country. It may not be a woman that’s driving him to drinking – as happens in so many country songs, for example – but is the overwhelming pressures of city life, instead. He mentions hanging out under the hot sun, which also suggests a desire to get close to nature and further away from the concrete jungle. Doucette also suggests escaping technology, which includes leaving one’s phone behind. When he sings about getting away from it all, he really means IT ALL!

In a way, alcohol is also described aa a bonding agent. This lyric seems to suggest there is one particular girl with whom he wants to drink. Presumably, she loves getting wasted during the daylight hours just as much as he does.

As percussive as this song’s verses are, its chorus – with multi-tracked vocals – is smooth and melodic. Doucette smartly contrasts the sound of the choruses with the differing approach of the verses. This gives the track sonic variety, which is essential to maintaining listener interest. That chorus, however, includes the line, “We’ll day drink all night,” which – while it sounds good – doesn’t make sense. Once you start drinking once it’s dark, isn’t that then night drinking? No matter, though, this is probably Doucette’s way of suggesting non-stop alcohol consumption and continuous partying.


Make no mistake about it: this is a party song. Yes, Doucette may mention the pressures of city life, but one gets the impression he’d want to drink, even if he had an easygoing day in the big city. This is the kind of song you’d want to turn up loud while popping the corks of your bottles and the tops of your cans. You wouldn’t want to sing it out the car window while driving, though, because some might suspect that you’re already over-consuming. Thus, if you’re going to day drink, please day drink responsibly and also crank this fun anthem up really loud.

-Dan MacIntosh