Emerging vocalist, songwriter and producer Ren releases music video ‘Animal Flow’ – via The Other Songs.

Ren demonstrates his sonic and lyrical talents by delivering a seamless rap over a rolling beat. The single is accompanied with a self-directed music video that draws upon Ren’s creative influences, akin to literary and cinematic counter-culture visionaries from George Orwell to Stanley Kubrick.

Taking the reins as ringmaster, Ren is front and centre of a boisterous, cult-like, secret society, offering viewers a visual manifesto to dive into. Dubious activity and masked characters lurk on every corner, and set the scene as Ren wanders into the night.

Ren prides himself on both producing and directing captivating visuals on a small budget, proving that there are no constraints to his creativity and vision. An admirer of Stanley Kubrick’s work, Ren successfully executes a one-take performance on ‘Animal Flow’; the visuals which can only be described as cinematic in nature are based on prominent themes from Kubrick’s controversially renowned 1971 film, A Clockwork Orange.

Dubbed the Shakespeare of modern times by his loyal fanbase, 2023 is already proving to be a standout year for the up-and-coming artist best known for recent release ‘Hi Ren’. Garnering a colossal 10 Million YouTube views and 4 Million audio streams in less than 5 months, the 10-minute-long single is a stripped back piece of art merging music, poetry and theatre. Ren is a story-teller and creative mastermind who consistently showcases his talents with each release, including latest offerings ‘Sick Boi’ and ‘Illest Of Our Time’.

With his unique musical style, Ren has resonated with millions across the globe and organically created a huge fanbase of hardcore, loyal supporters that he continues to inspire song after song. Throughout his music, Ren references his ongoing battle with Lyme Disease, and brain damage which he is currently undergoing highly specialised daily treatment for in Canada. The themes have struck a resonant chord with people who have experienced chronic health issues all over the world.

Despite his ongoing journey, Ren continues to prove that he is at the top of his game and that his career is ready to ascend to new heights.