Sarah Johnsone returns with angsty indie shoegaze anthem ‘Sofia’

Newcastle rising artist Sarah Johnsone, on the face of it, looks to be following in the footsteps of Amy Winehouse in her earlier releases. However, since the formation of her band and a more introspective approach to songwriting as a whole, the result has been staggering and shone Sarah in a whole new light entirely.

‘Sofia’ is a raucous and infectious track that blends nuances of indie, punk, shoegaze and rock, to make for an anthemic yet inviting offering in Johnsone’s vocals that take centre stage. Taking a step back and writing in the third person was a challenge for Sarah but one she has risen up to in style. ‘Sofia’ packs a punch but opens the door to a brand of music that encompasses a full indie-rock sound, with Johnsone’s pop-woven melodic underbelly that makes this a MUST listen.

She says “‘Sofia’ is my indie rock, party track; she’s fun, she’s exciting, she’s unpredictable. Sofia represents many who are misunderstood by the male social structures around them, frequently feeling bored and dismayed in pursuit of romance. This track was one of the first I’ve written from a third person, storytelling perspective. It bore a story of the misunderstood and perennially addictive ‘cool’ girl, and the cookie cutter male chasers that can’t seem to get enough.”