Escapism at its Finest: 10 Addictive Movies That Will Keep You Hooked

Do you think every day goes by in the same manner? You need some escape to reset your days and spend more meaningful days. Luckily, this article covers the top 10 movies that you can watch to escape from your daily life. These movies are certainly thought-provoking, and you can watch them more than once.

Top Movies to Escape Reality

Fortunately, these movies are all available under one roof – Hulu. That’s right, you can watch all these movies easily on Hulu, so you won’t have to change platforms if you’re skipping from one movie to another. Hulu is an ideal platform to watch everything you want, especially live TV to watch everything as it happens in real time.

The catch for this ideality is that the platform is geo-restricted outside America. If you’re someone who lives outside the USA, say, South Africa, then you’d have to get a VPN to access Hulu in South Africa and watch all of these movies under one hub.

Enola Holmes

The movie Enola Holmes combines mystery, adventure, and wit in a captivating way. Enola is portrayed by the charming Millie Bobby Brown, who draws viewers into her quest to unravel the mystery of her missing mother. It’s difficult to ignore the movie’s fast-paced plot, compelling characters, and riveting storytelling. You will soon find yourself repeating the movie.

The Princess

A contemporary fairytale, The Princess, enchants viewers with its enthralling tale of love and self-discovery. You will be transported to an imaginary realm with its beautiful and aesthetic visuals. The performances, characters, and plot, everything about this movie is breathtaking. Because this movie depicts self-determination and self-finding, streamers want to watch more of this movie, so it is an addictive choice.

How to Train Your Dragon

This animated movie is heartwarming, for sure. Even though Hiccup and his dragon Toothless have a sweet connection, watching the exciting dragon-flying episodes is a fantastic experience. Once you watch this movie, you will yearn to watch more of it because of its themes of friendship, emotion, and humor.

Palm Springs

The romantic comedy Palm Springs takes the idea of a time loop and gives it a fresh, appealing spin. The movie combines humor, romance, and philosophical dilemmas with captivating performances from Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti. The humor, astute writing, and unexpected plot twists keep viewers hooked from beginning to end.


Due to its relatable protagonist, fast-paced action, and exciting web-slinging moments, the Spider-Man franchise has an addictive quality. The movies deliver the ideal balance of adventure, comedy, and heartbreaking moments, whether the endearing Peter Parker juggling his many lives or the thrilling clashes against powerful adversaries. The reason Spider-Man continues to be so popular is because it can enthrall viewers of all ages.


The addicting masterwork, Parasite by Bong Joon-ho, captivates viewers with its gripping story and provocative societal satire. An immersive experience is created by the film’s complex plot, outstanding acting, and flawless blending of genres. It is a gripping and unforgettable cinematic experience because it investigates class division and black comedy.

Together Together

Due to its realistic representation of human connection and bizarre friendship, this touching comedy-drama is heart-rooting. The movie examines issues of loneliness, motherhood, and the complexity of relationships and features outstanding performances from Ed Helms and Patti Harrison. It is a compelling and compulsive movie due to its honest writing, realistic people, and delicate and humorous moments.

Fight Club

Fight Club’s rebellious attitude, thrilling plot, and nuanced characters make it so compelling. This cult classic explores issues of consumerism, existential crisis, and masculinity. The film keeps audiences on the tip of their seats with its mind-bending plot twists, violent battle scenes, and social criticism that challenges conventional standards and leaves a lasting impression.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is an irresistible fascination. It is a convincing superhero movie that depicts things that are boundary-pushing. While Batman is a great portrayal, the audience is compelled by the Joker’s iconic character, played by Heath Ledger. The movie may have a complex plot, yet the action scenes and idea of chaos vs. order make an engrossing streaming experience.


Twilight’s captivating characters, paranormal aspects, and passionate love tale make it an addictive one. While the struggle between vampires and werewolves provides a layer of tension, the strong romance between Bella and Edward captures the audience’s attention. Audiences yearn for more of the compelling universe that the film’s evocative backdrop, emotional depth, and fantasy aspects create.

Final Take

All of these are our favorites, and we hope you love watching these movies too! The best thing about it is that you can watch all of these movies, and even more, for an affordable price on Hulu. Other streaming services may lack one of these movies, but Hulu literally has it all. Now, let’s sit back and enjoy these 10 addictive movies to escape the harsh reality of daily life.