New Video By Carly Hanley “Oh La La”

Born and raised in the John Hughes charm of the greater Chicagoland area, pop singer-songwriter Carly Hanley spent her childhood on stage. Ever a creative mind, she eventually pursued a career in film and video production, gathering the stories and sentiments that now inform her catchy hook-driven pop tunes that explore friendship, romance, and self-realization. With the release of her 2022 EP Radiant, Hanley took a step into the limelight, gifting the world with a vulnerable view of her inner life. Maintaining a steady stream of singles released since then, she’s ramping up to the release of her first full-length album, Ruby, this fall.

Carly Hanley’s latest single, “Ooh La La,” is a vibrant and sexy pop-romp about spontaneous attraction. Over a club-inspired beat populated with piano, horns, and other musical surprises, Carly lowers all walls and expresses a relatable experience of a sudden, powerful draw to a new flame. Infinitely playable, this tune is perfect for getting hyped up on your way out to the club or setting the mood on your way back in.

The music video for Hanley’s “Ooh La La” (directed by Jason Knade) sets the perfect scene for the sensuous song. Opening on our starlet elegantly preparing herself for a performance, we eventually follow her to an intimate club where she croons out her sultry tune. Spying a charmer in the audience, she leaves the performance behind to pursue him. Softly lit and full of crave-worthy shots, the video is worth several plays for its craftsmanship as much as its seductiveness.

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