jocelvn delivers stirring and blissful alt R&B single ‘delusional’

In the ever-evolving landscape of Alternative R&B, a new talent has emerged, captivating hearts and souls with her enchanting melodies and profound vocal prowess. Meet jocelvn, hailing from both California and Taiwan, this multicultural songstress seamlessly weaves her diverse influences together, giving birth to a fluid Alt-R&B/Soul sound that is as innovative as it is soul-stirring.

In her latest offering, “delusional,” jocelvn shines brightly, painting a portrait of herself in the most perfect light. The track casts an almost hypnotic spell on its listeners with a deep bass beat that reverberates through the air, creating a dream-like atmosphere. Effortlessly, her vocals float atop the proceedings, drawing listeners into her ethereal world.

What truly distinguishes jocelvn is her ability to craft pop-woven melodies that penetrate the soul. Like a beacon of authenticity, her voice cuts through the noise with an underlying authority, reminiscent of the early works of the iconic Frank Ocean. “delusional” is a soulful journey, where silky hooks captivate from the very start, guiding the audience through a range of emotions.

“delusional” is just a taste of what’s to come from this extraordinary artist, and we can’t wait to be enchanted further by her musical journey.