How and what you can trade with Esperio Broker: reviews of the company’s clients

Esperio Broker is one of the fastest-growing online trading companies today. Information about it regularly appears on thematic Internet resources. The broker allows its clients to trade foreign currencies, stocks, stock indices, foodstuffs, raw materials, and other assets. The company also develops investment services enabling traders to receive passive income. Let’s look at the offers of Esperio reviews, reviews of the company’s customers will help us to deal with the task.

Main trading instruments in Esperio

Esperio belongs to the category of brokers, where trading is carried out via CFD contracts. The broker offers over 500 different financial instruments. All of them are grouped into 9 categories for convenience (you can see them in the screenshot below).

The peculiarity of Esperio is that the company offers clients not only classic brokerage accounts for trading but also other services that allow them to get a good income:

  • Investment programs (there is an investment fund);
  • Copytrading service.

Esperio is characterized by favorable trading conditions that allow clients to work comfortably in any market. Traders can open one of four account types:

  • Standard (leveraged trading; the maximum number of orders — 500; market execution; net spread; Margin Call level – 60%; stop out — 20%; commissions from 0.007% to 0.3% per lot, depending on the type of instrument).
  • Cent (account currency is displayed in cents; trading with leverage; the maximum number of orders — 500; market execution; net spread; Margin Call level — 60%; stop out — 20%; commissions from 0.01% to 3% per lot depending on the type of instrument).
  • Invest (investment account, trading without leverage; market execution; net spread; Margin Call level — 100%; stop out — 10%; commissions from 0.007% to 0.3% per lot, depending on the type of instrument).
  • MT5 ECN (spread from 0.2 points; maximum financial leverage — 1:500; market execution; Margin Call level — 60%; stop out — 20%; commissions — from 0.007% up to 0.3% per lot depending on the type of instrument).

The company’s clients often note the simplicity of registering with Esperio Broker. The reviews also focus on the functionality of the Personal Account, where traders can view the statistics of trading operations, connect additional services, such as the Esperio affiliate program, or order exclusive trading analytics.

Services for getting passive income in Esperio

The broker offers a wide range of investment instruments. The company’s clients can use the services of investment portfolios or a particular investment fund in addition to the opportunity to open an investment account. The income of such a fund is at least 30% per annum, much higher than any deposit program in a bank. Funds can be invested for 1 month. They are managed by a team of highly qualified experts of Esperio Broker. Reviews about the work of the fund are pretty positive.

Another popular way of investing is the Copy Trading service. It allows clients to link their accounts to one of the experienced traders, and all investment operations will be carried out automatically. The site has a particular rating, which is constantly updated. This opportunity helps to choose the right trader. Investors also usually pay attention to a trader’s profit and maximum drawdown. According to customer reviews, the Copy Trading service is actively used by beginners, for whom this is an excellent opportunity to enter the market, and experienced investors who use the option to copy trades to diversify their portfolio.

Analytics and training services

Another direction of the company’s work is the market analytics service. Esperio’s customers often highlight in their reviews this service. The company’s website publishes daily up-to-date news, expert assessments of various market assets, and other materials that allow a deeper understanding of market processes.

Registered clients can access the Market Pulse tool, which makes it possible to quickly collect all the analytical and news information on a particular asset. It is located in a separate section of the site. The site also has an economic calendar and other useful tools, which can significantly increase trading efficiency.

Pay attention to several educational programs for studying financial markets which are also available on the broker’s website. The programs are designed for people with different levels of training so that they will be helpful not only for beginners but also for experienced traders.