Hello London Presents New Single ‘Breathing In’

Hello London delivers a visceral blast of bombast with “Breathing In.” Their sound soars up towards the heavens. Everything about the atmosphere goes for the gigantic. It all works from the drums that conjure up imagery of vast, wide-open spaces to the guitar work that draws from shoegaze. Best of all, the vocals rise above the rest of the colossal din. For all the wildness and feral energy, they imbue the track with a sense of yearning and hope. Word choice is pristine, allowing the rest of the song to follow along beautifully. Deep within the many different layers, they prove exceptionally talented at letting a single melody expand and transform into a feeling of life-affirming bliss.

Audio URL: https://hellolondon.bandcamp.com/track/breathing-in

The lumbering rhythm starts things off perfectly. Guitar work nicely works alongside the steady slow tempo. The bass rumbles with a muscular edge. Lots of the interplay has an emphasis on the texture. The piece has a beautiful quality when the vocals bloom out from the rest of the groove, allowing for a degree of pining to enter the fray. Letting the rest of the band gradually fade out of the mix, letting the drums and bass hold things up, allows a dramatic flourish to emerge. Much of the buildup works towards the fantastic finale, where they let loose as the distortion reigns supreme.



An intense trip, Hello London delves into a visceral, vibrant emotion on the enormous “Breathing In.”