Pam Ross Follows Top 20 Hit With New Single “Two Shots of Tequila”

The North Carolina-based americana singer-songwriter follows “Falling Off the Merry Go Round” with another Independent Music Network charting single, “Two Shots of Tequila.”

Americana singer-songwriter Pam Ross is set to release her newest single, “Two Shots of Tequila,” on June 16th (MTS Records.) The single is the follow-up to her well-received Top 20 ITunes UK Rock Song, “Falling off the Merry Go Round.” Both songs have been climbing the radio/fan-voted Independent Music Network charts.

Pam says, “Instead of the ‘poor me, my life is over because the person I love left me’ scenario, I tried to take a slightly more positive approach. It’s about someone drinking tequila to help ease the pain of a failed relationship, which they know they will get over in time. People change and things don’t always work out as planned. It’s about recognizing the pain and knowing you’ll survive.   You just need time…and a few shots to get through it.”

Pam Ross is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and currently residing in North Carolina. She has also spent time living in Nashville and Houston. Throughout her career, she has consistently been praised for creating a unique style of music that blends her influences of rock, americana, and country into what fans call “Pam Music”.

“Two Shots of Tequila” is the latest single off of Ross’s upcoming album, “When Therapy Fails,” due out later this year.

ABOUT PAM ROSS: Pam Ross has created a style of music all her own.  She blends her influences of rock, americana, and country into something fans are calling Pam Music.  In June 2022, she gathered up some incredible musicians and began recording ten songs at Goodluck Studio in Chapel Hill, NC.  The album is called “When Therapy Fails” and her first single, “Fire In The Hole,” was released November 28. The music video followed on Jan 6 and the song received rave reviews from radio and top playlisters.  The music video, produced by Rob Underhill and Evelyn Putnam, received Official Selection in the Europe Music Awards and has also been nominated for Best Music Video in the Carolina Film Festival 2023 and the Franklin Flix Indie Film Festival 2023. For more information, please visit