Famous Asscher-Cut Diamond Auctions

Shopping online for a diamond ring results in some great deals, but you need a trustworthy source like Rare Carat. When you search for the best deals on Asscher-cut diamonds, start at Rare Carat, known as America’s number-one source of unbiased advice for diamond engagement rings.

When you buy from Rare Carat, you get straightforward advice on diamond purchases, unique and trending cuts of diamonds, and competitive prices. Let’s learn more about how to find classic and trendy diamonds without spending too much.

Top Diamond Trends

When you search for the best deals on today’s top diamond trends like Asscher cut and radiant cut diamonds or lab-grown diamonds, start at Rare Carat. The store offers a wide array of natural and lab-created diamonds in every size, clarity, color, and cut imaginable. You can find diamonds of less than a carat or diamonds of ten carats or more.

The Trendy Asscher Cut Diamond

Do you want an Asscher cut diamond, considered one of the most elegant cuts available? An Asscher cut diamond combines the best features of an emerald cut and a princess cut to create an octagonal diamond with step-cut facets. From the top, it appears square, but its clipped corners modernize the look. A standard Asscher cut features 58 parts, ensuring plenty of sparkles when the light strikes it. The Royal Asscher cut features 74 facets, creating proverbial fireworks on the finger on which it’s worn.

The Radiant Cut Resurges in Popularity

The radiant cut also resurged in popularity, and Rare Carat offers many of these exquisite cuts of diamonds. Master diamond cutter Henry Grossbard introduced the radiant cut in 1977, combining an emerald cut silhouette with a round cut in 70 facets to create a sparkling diamond. At the bottom edge of the diamond, it takes a square shape. Its facets segue it into a circular shape at the top of the diamond to catch the eyes from every direction.

Shop for Lab-Grown Diamonds

Today’s lab-grown diamonds look and behave exactly like diamonds. You’ll need to examine a Rare Carat lab-grown diamond using a jeweler’s tools to tell the difference. These flawless diamonds undergo a chemical process in a lab that re-creates the processes a natural diamond undergoes on the earth. People can’t tell them apart just by looking, and lab-created diamonds cost about one-third less than natural diamonds.

Why Buy from Rare Carat?

Launched in 2016, the company offers expert advice on diamonds, going beyond the typical diamond-buying guides to offer advice on diamond fashions and trends. The store offers high-quality diamonds at affordable prices. Instead of only offering one to multi-carat diamonds, Rare Carat offers trendy cuts and classic diamonds in smaller sizes, such as one-third or one-half carat. This practice puts diamonds of the best quality in reach of most consumers. Rare Carat’s practices place luxury diamonds in the hands of men and women across America.

When you search for “best deals” on diamonds, start your shopping at Rare Carat. First, read its blog where you can learn more about what contributes to a diamond’s beauty and investment value.

Once you’ve mastered the essential information, such as the four Cs of diamond buying, move to the store section of the website. Use the sliders to describe the diamond you want – its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Rare Carat displays every diamond that matches your desires from its more than one million choices. Click on any diamond to learn more about it.

If you have questions, ask a customer service representative. Rare Carat has become known throughout the world for its exceptional customer service. The company maintains a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating on both Google Business and Trustpilot by providing high-quality diamonds and an even higher-quality diamond buying process.

Rare Carat takes the fear out of buying diamonds online by providing free gemologist checks on GIA-certified diamonds. That means you can have an expert check your potential diamond, taking the fear out of shopping online for a major purchase.

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring, a wedding ring, an anniversary ring, or a right-hand ring, you deserve the best diamond your money can buy. Buy from Rare Carat to find that diamond.