Sharon Hendrix feat. Marvin Robinson Presents “It Takes Two”

One Easter Sunday, two-year-old Sharon Hendrix stood on a pew and belted out over the crowd and choir, receiving her first round of applause. The stage was set; she had arrived. Since that church choir, Hendrix’s music career has known no bounds. Subtly, her silky vocals have slipped into countless eardrums—likely including yours. Collaborating with Bob Dylan, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and more, she’s made a name for herself as a talented and reliable creative partner. Over decades of duetting with Barry Manilow and Tom Jones both on tour and in the studio, she’s proven herself a top talent for top talents in the industry. In the meantime, she raised her beloved Rainbow Tribe family and launched an exciting solo career, releasing everything from sing-along pop hits to tear-inducing ballads. All the while, she’s never lost the spirit of that two-year pew-belter, delivering joy to every heart she reaches with her wellspring of talent and light.

Sharon Hendrix fondly revisits her roots in her most recent single, “It Takes Two.” Hendrix covers the classic Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston duet with longtime friend and collaborator Marvin Robinson. Over a swinging arrangement including horns, saxes, and keys, the duo coos and croons out the playful and timeless lyrics. The vocalists blend and back each other, each sultry voice complementing the other. Indeed—it takes two to create a sound so seamless and sweet.

The music video for this rendition of “It Takes Two” places us in a pleasant collage of Hendrix’s process and inspiration for the song. Scenes cut back and forth between the belting duo, their boisterous backing band, and Fred Astaire and Jane Powell bopping along to the beat. Among other well-known musical couples, the video ends with a tribute to Hendrix and her honey, producer and partner Dan Voss Jr. Snuggle up with your better half and bounce along to this revitalizing remake of the timeless hit.

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