The Nocturnal Adoration Society Has ‘All The Time In The World’

The Nocturnal Adoration Society is the singing/songwriting/marital partnership of Alt-Country pioneer Jimmy Ryan (Blood Oranges, Wooden Leg, Hayride) on vocals, mandolin, mandocello and Donna Sartanowicz (The Very) on vocals and bass guitar, along with with Eric Royer (Royer’s One-Man Band, The Sacred Shakers) on pedal steel and Chris Anzalone (Juliana Hatfield, Dennis Brennan, and Roomful of Blues) on drums. ‘All The Time In The World’ is the second release from The Nocturnal Adoration Society, following their 2020 self-titled EP, ‘The Nocturnal Adoration Society’. The new album features eight original compositions with special guest appearances by Duke Levine (Bonnie Raitt, Peter Wolf, Mary Chapin Carpenter) on guitar, Dana Colley (Morphine, Vapors of Morphine) on baritone sax, and Dave Westner (Tim Gearan Band, Jimmy Ryan’s Hayride) on drums. All music & lyrics are by Donna Sartanowicz and Jimmy Ryan (Sanguine Citrus Music/BMI). ‘All The Time In The World’ was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dave Westner and this recording is dedicated to the memories of Richie Sartanowicz, Gordon Stone, and Billy Conway. What the listener gets here is 100% originality as The Nocturnal Adoration Society has just the right musical medicine and ‘All The Time In The World’.

The Nocturnal Adoration Society has that unique style and creative direction that is simply infectious when consuming the new record. Right from the band name alone, the listener is instantly captivated with the aura of this original group. ‘All The Time In The World’ will have you glued to your seat and hooked into the sound from start to finish!

The EP kicks off with an easy-going flow and pleasing melody on “Take Me As I Am”. With lyrics that speak plainly and clearly to everyone, “Take Me As I Am” will calm your senses due to the laid-back atmosphere. Next, “Pathfinder’s Daughter” is moving along at a slow ‘n’ steady pace yet comes across as massively appealing. Track three, “Nah, Nah, Nah”, should be called Yah, Yah, Yah because one will be majorly excited by the fantastic musical direction displayed here. The title track will prove that this composition is spaced out perfectly when you have “All The Time In The World”. Moving on, The Nocturnal Adoration Society has just the right song for just the “Right Time” where you’re experiencing the “time of your lives” in this moment. Track six, “Straight Into Trouble”, will capture your attention with its intriguing melody and superb playing. “What Could I Do” is the following number and this tune drags along at the ideal speed, so don’t adjust your dial. When it comes to the tempo of “What Could I Do”, all of the pieces fit together nicely and so nothing left to do or say. I have to say that The Nocturnal Adoration Society goes out with a bang because “Sweet Lies” never sounded so good! “Sweet Lies” is the perfect ending to this record and I speak the truth; How Sweet it is!

If you’re seeking material that is both enjoyable and enriching then look no further! The Nocturnal Adoration Society has got you covered from beginning to end on the new record. With a style all of its own, The Nocturnal Adoration Society proves to have ‘All the Time In The World’ for anyone willing to take a close listen. I am excited for the future of The Nocturnal Adoration Society because I know, for a fact, that this band has ‘All The Time In The World’ because good music is timeless.

By Jimmy Rae