Myths and reality: exposing common misconceptions about Pin-Up 634 casino

Gambling and the companies that offer it are always the subject of controversy. Some people are categorically against it and, not having understood the rules and conditions of the casino, get lost, and then mislead others. Thus there are myths that can harm the reputation of any gambling establishment.

Today, let’s take a look at 6 major misconceptions that people encounter about Pin-Up 634 Casino. They can be found in thematic forums, social networks and surveys, and we would like to dispel these myths by telling how everything actually happens.

The first myth: the withdrawal of funds takes several days

This opinion appears often and applies not only to Pin Up Casino. This is due to the fact that players are very nervous when their withdrawal is delayed (which is understandable) and begin to write indignant reviews. Because of this there is a feeling that the money in the withdrawal will have to wait for several days, and sometimes weeks.

In reality, if a client plays in a reliable and official casino like Pin Up, all requests for withdrawal are necessarily processed. But, even after successful processing in the casino, the funds may not come to the client’s card immediately. This is due to the bank, the card to which the withdrawal was made.

At Pin Up specified time frame for withdrawal: up to 24 hours. If in that time the money did not come, then the problem is in the bank. For this reason, delays occur. Players can always write to the support chat, specifying their ID, and find out at what stage the transaction is.

The second myth: the casino changes the payout of slots

This misconception is related to people’s distrust of casinos in general. There is an opinion that any gambling platform is doing its best to make money out of players and therefore “tweaks” the slots, so that the payout percentage was lower and winning combinations fell out less frequently.

In fact, this is not true. RTP (Rate of Return) is always set by the developer at the stage of setting up a random number generator, due to which the slot works. The only way a casino can affect the game is to give the customer bonuses to use in the slots.

If the site presents the official software (and in the online casino Pin-Up only official video slots), the site staff can not change its settings in any way. So, players can count on fair payouts and RTP corresponding to reality.

The third myth: the casino does not allow withdrawal of all bonuses

This misconception is due to the fact that the rules and conditions of bonuses are not always read carefully and to the end. That’s how a customer can face an unpleasant surprise when he decides to withdraw bonuses.

Any bonuses are issued under clear conditions, among which are:

  • The period of validity of the promotion and the use of the bonus;
  • Wagering (requirements for wagering the funds received);
  • the limit on the amount of withdrawal of the won bonuses.

Each bonus has a wager, so it is impossible to withdraw the money received from the casino immediately to the card. They must first wagering. For example, if the bonus was 100 tenge, and the wager is equal to x10, the player needs to bet for 1000 tenge before he can withdraw funds.

As a result of wagering, the client may have any amount in his account. It is quite possible that it will be more than the bonus withdrawal limit set by the casino. In this case, the maximum amount will be withdrawn, and the remainder will be burned.

These are the rules that keep the casino safe. If there were no such conditions, many players would use offers from online casinos and then disappear forever. Therefore, the institution has to come up with restrictions whereby both the player gets a profit and the casino stays with a loyal customer.

In fact, it is indeed impossible to withdraw all bonuses, but only if their amount exceeds the limit specified in the rules. And Pin Up Casino openly talks about it in the description of each promotion.

Myth number four: big winnings are not withdrawn on purpose.

For online casinos, it makes no difference how much customers win and how much they withdraw. If it fits within the limits, it can be withdrawn at one time. But in the case of very large winnings, you have to create several requests for withdrawal. This is not due to the fact that the casino does not want to give back the money won, but to the rules of payment systems and banks.

It is important that online casinos are forbidden to use various fraudulent schemes. If a player receives winnings as a result of suspicious activity, the casino may not count the money.

Paragraph 7 of the User Agreement specifies which activities are considered suspicious and prohibited on the site, as well as the consequences for the player who does not comply with the conditions.

If, however, the money is won honestly, without using bonuses, the client will have the opportunity to withdraw the entire amount. It just sometimes takes longer than a normal transaction.

Fifth myth: The license is bought and means nothing

This misconception appears because of people’s distrust of gambling establishments and the bodies that control their activities. Many people think that this sphere is corrupt and the license to provide online casino services can be bought. However, in the case of Pin Up, this is not the case.

This casino operates under the Ukrainian license KRAIL. This is a commission that regulates the sphere of gambling and lotteries. Pin Up received it in 2021, and this was possible due to the fact that the casino meets the requirements of the commission. For players, this means that:

The casino pays tax to the state treasury on every transaction;The site features responsible gaming and links to resources that help cope with addiction to cheating;all the software on the site is official and the casino can not affect its functions;financial transactions are carried out by official methods;complete security of players and their personal data on the site is ensured.

The license is very important because it guarantees that the player is using an honest platform that can’t just disappear.

Myth Six: Online casinos charge tax on withdrawals

Since Pin Up online casino operates officially and pays taxes correctly, a myth has emerged that they are charged to the players themselves when withdrawing funds. In fact, everyone who at least once made a withdrawal on the site knows that this is not true.

The casino pays tax from its own pocket. The amount of tax is returned to the player’s bonus account after each withdrawal. It equals 19.5% and is payable on any amount. This bonus is described in the section with Promotions and each player receives it within 24 hours after withdrawing his money from the account.


Myths are normal, but the job of any casino is to debunk them so that players don’t get misled. The Pin Up website describes all the rules for using bonuses, as well as other terms and conditions collected in the User Agreement. Players should read them in order to be aware of all the details of the establishment.

In case of unpleasant situations, such as delays in withdrawal, withdrawal limits, etc., you can always contact the technical support for clarification. In this online casino, it works around the clock.