Ghost Hounds New Video “Make It Shake”

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, blues-rock group Ghost Hounds are here to make you howl. Behind frontman Tré Nation’s spectacular pipes, dual guitarists Thomas Tull and Johnny Baab combine forces over bassist Bennet Miller, drummer Blaise Lanzetta, and keyboardist Joe Munroe. Together the sextet blends to create sounds ranging from Garth Brooks to The Rolling Stones and everything in between. With three full-length, Billboard chart-topping albums in the past five years, Ghost Hounds is gearing up to release their fourth studio album later this year. Rally the dogs to a concert when their tour rolls into your town.

Ghost Hounds’ latest single off their upcoming album, “Make It Shake,” will have you doing just that. With a driving lead riff from Thomas Tull, the song provides ample room and swing for Tré to swoop in with heart-melting vocals. The lyrics describe a rebel without a cause, shaking up the world just for fun. The rebellious, carefree tune erupts into a full blues-rock anthem, perfect for pulling away on a long road trip or amping up a summer afternoon.

The music video for “Make It Shake” offers vibes to aspire to. In a Pittsburgh studio space, frontman Tré Nation hoots and howls out the song in front of a white wall. Throughout the video, both Tré and the wall are projected on with images of movers and shakers from the history of show biz. The transitions accelerate as Tré unleashes more ferocious vocal riffs, creating an atmosphere of creative joy you’ll want to dive deeper into—don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing along while you look up Ghost Hounds tour dates near you!

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