Continuing to Make a Global Impact with Over 11 Smash Singles Following His 2021 Debut EP, The Miami Based Artist, Producer, Director, and Entrepreneur’s Tracks Have Been Cultivated on Over 2100 Spotify Playlists. In the two years since the drop of his self-titled debut EP in early 2021, DICI’s been a prolific, non-stop singles and video releasing phenomenon across the globe, racking up a phenomenal 119K+ TikTok followers, over five million collective Spotify streams and YouTube views and inclusion on over 2100 Spotify playlists.

“Daydream” follows the recent “Don’t Play Games” and a two year solid blaze of popular singles and videos from DICI, that includes the singles “Five Rings” (“Five Rings” (311K Views, 170K+ streams), “Something’s Right” (454,000 Views), “Something’s Right (Dance Remix),” “Move Out The Way” “E to S,” “Flip” (371K Views), “I’ve Been Dreaming” (146K Views), “Art of War,” “u n i” (468K Views), “Will You Stay” (472K Views) and “Do What I Can” (356 K Views), “Left to Right” (566K Views), “Eye to Eye” (339K Views) and at the end of 2022; “Beautiful Collision”.

Dici has evolved from a quarantined 17-year-old, free-styling rhymes and mastering the Pro Tools rig in his bedroom to an emerging rap star with thousands of worldwide followers, a popular critically acclaimed indie EP on his own label. Dici’s influences can be heard so clearly as he matches his quality with the likes of Denzel Curry, Action Bronson, Mayhem Lauren, and Kenny Beats.

With half Japanese heritage on his mum’s side, Dici has once again opted for a traditional Japanese aesthetic in his latest music video, similar to his track ‘Shibuya’, where the video was surrounded by fast-moving images of Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo created on an LED wall called the Volume – a technology used in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Dici’s professionally directed and produced videos on YouTube have also amassed a staggering 4 million views. Clearly, this multi-talented artist is on fire, and his fans just can’t get enough.

“Day Dream”, the latest addition to Dici’s musical repertoire is poised to be another chart-topper, following in the footsteps of his previous melodic hip-hop anthems, which have already garnered over 2 million Spotify streams across 100 countries. ‘Day Dream’ will follow up this year’s luxurious release, ‘Champagne Showers’. ‘Day Dream’ is a dreamy pop-rap masterpiece, with shimmering synths and hypnotic drumbeats creating a lush soundscape for his unbridled creativity to flourish. The hip-hop flourishes, and lo-fi elements blend seamlessly with the pop production; with every verse, Dici weaves a spellbinding narrative, painting vivid pictures of a world beyond our reality. His flow is unbound, soaring through the music with ease and grace. The melodies are infectious, sticking in your head long after the song has ended. Flooded with infatuation and desperation, hoping to escape these feelings through daydreams but ultimately unable to shake this obsession.