Rob Alexander Releases New Single ‘Get Over Yourself (feat. Gigi Worth)’

Rob Alexander embarks on a bouncing animated series of beats on the giddy “Get Over Yourself (With Gigi Worth).” The atmosphere embraces a bombastic, gigantic sound. With a club-centric ethos, they blow the volume way out. Vocals matter, resting right in front of the entire thing. The lyrics get a powerful aspect cutting all to the bone. Bass frequencies roll through, helping to add to the sheer strength. Riffs go for the infectious, ensuring it brings everything into the whole experience. Nods to dance groups like the celebrated Daft Punk appear, as there is a degree of an arena-filling scope that leaves no space.

The buildup of the track happens with crystal clarity. Production values shine as they allow every nuance of each additional to shine off into the distance. Driving rhythms underpin the work, with the bass feeling physical and genuinely inspirational elements of the work swirl about with their grandeur. A virtual kaleidoscopic array of colors burst forth, giving the song a bright, shining quality. Deep buildups bring out the sound, as pieces of the Chicago House style are incorporated into the flurry of activity quite well. They let the energy explode for the final stretch as the song becomes a true whirlwind of activity. The music becomes ultimately liberating when it comes to a close.

“Get Over Yourself (With Gigi Worth)” shows Rob Alexander craft this robust and muscular four-to-the-floor dance track.