New Release By Gary Palmer “I Get Lonely”

A classic excellence rolls through Gary Palmer’s suave “I Get Lonely.” Production excels here. Smooth jazz, R&B, pop, and a sense of play rolled into one. Vocals rest right in the center of the sound. Chords show genuine creativity, with the melodies glistening in the late-night noir spirit. Rhythms go for nimbleness thanks to their ability to stop and start on a dime. One of the best parts is the saxophone which manages to weave through the entirety of the piece, constantly shifting as the mood changes.

Light wisps of sound adorn the very first moments of the song. Everything else comes into focus from that starting point, allowing a great degree of care to enter the equation. Layers are brought in, one after the other going for so much depth to be explored fully and completely. A yearning quality helps to guide the song along, with the arrangement emphasizing the points as needed. Full of detail, the music comes into focus with such patience. Drums are of excellent crisp quality, allowing the piece to wash over the listener. By drawing from a whole slew of genres, he helps keep things up in the air even as the song is calm. The rising and falling action adds to the narrative arc of the piece. Verses blend to tell this story, this desire for something more, for genuine companionship.

“I Get Lonely” shows Gary Palmer’s deft skill in exploring a vibe.

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