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What is the best treatment for spider veins legs? At USA Vein Clinic, we treat your spider veins legs with non-invasive spider veins. Find out what they are and what the best varicose vein treatment is according to our specialists.

Spider veins legs and small varicose veins are one of the main reasons for consultation in our USA Vein Clinic since, although they are not usually severe or compromise the patient’s health; they make the appearance of the legs ugly. Many report modesty or embarrassment when wearing short clothes or bathing suits due to these vascular alterations. This post gives you the keys to getting rid of them effectively and safely with the best varicose vein treatment.

What are Spider veins legs?

Spider veins legs are small red or purplish lesions similar in appearance to the webs that arachnids weave, hence its name. They are easily visible through the skin since they are located at a very superficial level, almost always on the legs, although they can sometimes be seen on the face or the sclera, the white part of the eye.

The causes of the appearance of spider veins could be more precise. However, they are generally related to hormonal factors (pregnancy, oral contraceptive treatments), genetic or environmental factors, such as excessive exposure to the sun or heat sources, and the prolonged application of steroid creams. Also called telangiectasias, Spider veins legs are considered mild varicose veins but are not clinically worrisome. Their elimination responds solely to aesthetic criteria when they occur in isolation since they are numerous. They can make the appearance of the legs or face ugly.

In that case, before determining the best varicose vein treatment, it is inevitable to ask yourself: Do I really have to worry about spider veins? Despite being harmless, spider veins legs can sometimes be associated with dermatological diseases such as rosacea, xeroderma pigmentosum (a rare genetic disorder characterized by extreme sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation), or Insufficiency Chronic Venous (CVI).

The best varicose vein treatment for Spider veins legs 

Before starting any vascular treatment in the legs, it is essential to carry out an excellent preliminary study and complete an exhaustive clinical history to avoid complications in the treatment or poor results. Likewise, it is necessary to carry out a careful physical examination so that our specialist rules out large varices or possible insufficiency in the saphenous veins.

The specialist can prescribe a Doppler-type ultrasound since some vascular problems are not visible to the naked eye. Doppler echo is a non-invasive test that helps to detect alterations in the functioning of venous valves, clots, blockages, structural defects in blood vessels, and abnormal dilations. After this first exploration, the specialist can establish the degree of CVI and custom design the best varicose vein treatment.

According to the experience in our USA Vein Clinics, Sclerotherapy is the finest to remove spider vein legs.

What is Sclerotherapy 

Sclerotherapy is our leading varicose vein treatment. It consists of infiltrating a sclerosing liquid or foam into the dilated veins using an excellent gauge needle. The intended effect is that this chemical agent fibrosis the abnormal vessel and closes it until it is reabsorbed and disappears, redirecting blood flow through the veins that are not dilated. This sclerotherapy treatment is effective against small varicose veins or spider vein legs. The minor complications that depend on them and the number of sessions will depend on the number of blood vessels that must be treated.

The specialists in varicose vein treatment at the USA Vein Clinic recommend going to an assessment appointment to plan the treatment and guide the follow-up of the evolution. In addition to treating more severe venous problems, if any were detected in the previous consultation or after performing the echo-doppler.

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