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Dawn Of Destiny – new Single/Video “METAL STORM”

10 months ago the last DAWN OF DESTINY album “Of Silence” was released, which was indeed a milestone for the band. The song with “Lord Of The Lost” guest vocalist Chris Harms reached award status on Spotify.

To shorten the waiting time for a new album for the steadily growing fanbase, the band around mastermind Jens Faber released “Metal Storm”, a homage to their own music genre, addressing the “eternal yesterday”-people who still consider heavy metal as roaring and Satanist music.

BRAIDS — Drop Radiant New Single: “Lucky Star” || + New Album Out Tomorrow (28 April)

Ahead of their anticipated new album ‘Euphoric Recall’ releasing this Friday (28 April, via Secret City Records), Canadian art rock band BRAIDS have dropped a new single called “Lucky Star”.

Epic/doom metal one-man band Ancient Ruins Signs with Wormholedeath

Epic/doom metal one-man band Ancient Ruins, formed by guitarist and vocalist Paul Delgado, has joined forces with Wormholedeath for the launch of his upcoming album Hexahedron. The album is scheduled to be released on May 26 2023 and will be available on all major digital platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

FEEO announces ‘Ah, Hunger!’ EP | ‘Iris’ video out now

Experimental songwriter and producer feeo – the artistic alias of musician and multidisciplinary artist Theodora Laird – announces new EP Ah, Hunger! for June 1st. It follows 2021 debut EP feels like we’re getting older doesn’t it which saw acclaim from DAZED, CRACK, gal-dem, CLASH, NOTION, COLORS and BBC 6 Music, 1Extra and Radio 1.

HEALTH Release New Single “HATEFUL” In Tandem With ULTRAKILL Game Feature

LA’s HEALTH today released their visceral and propulsive new single “HATEFUL” co-written with SIERRA and featuring backing vocals from Street Sects’ Leo Ashline. In tandem with the launch, the track also appeared in-game via ULTRAKILL’s latest software update. HEALTH says of the new song, “BACK TO THE CYBER GRIND.” More collaborations between HEALTH and ULTRAKILL will soon be announced.

Detroit favorites KIND BEAST take you on a late night cruise on new single “HIGHWAY MADNESS”

“Highway Madness” is an homage to Sean Madigan Hoen’s ongoing obsession with all-night drives and the open road, which he and Dan Jaquint first indulged in their life of van tours in the pre-cellphone age.

M. Ward Announces New Studio Album ‘Supernatural Thing,’ Listen To The Title Track

Today the renowned singer/songwriter M. Ward is announcing the new studio album ‘Supernatural Thing’, to be released on June 23. His songs “luxuriate in a dream world conjured out of memories, shared stories, and flights of fancy,” Pitchfork says, and the album’s title track also lives in a liminal space in which Elvis comes to him with a message: You Can Go Anywhere You Please.

Skope video submission: YOUWIN, “Voyeur”. Philly rapper crafts exotic banger

“I’m a studio rat, so I never wanna go anywhere, and my homies always drag me to places I don’t wanna be. I was just sitting at the top of the second floor where you can look down and see the entire club and writing about what I was seeing and how I was feeling. It’s a club song for people who hate the club. We snuck cameras into Voyeur and shot the majority of the video there.”

Australian garage punks Cable Ties share new single “Change”

Australian garage rock trio Cable Ties have shared “Change,” a striking new preview of their upcoming album All Her Plans, due June 23 via Merge Records. A raw, unruly track driven by Nick Brown’s insistent bass line and Jenny McKechnie’s impressive vocal acrobatics, “Change” casts a lens on the residue of trauma left behind by patriarchal violence. Stream the track now at all DSPs.

Colter Wall Announces New Album ‘Little Songs’ With The Release Of New Single “Evangelina”

Battle Creek, Saskatchewan – “Tequila won’t get you across that desert / To Evangelina in old Mexico,” sings the rich Canadian baritone of Colter Wall in his brand new tune, “Evangelina.” The song, originally written and recorded by Hoyt Axton, paints a thirsty picture of longing and half-laid plans to chase down a lost love; all backed up by a band steeped in the traditional sounds of Wall’s prairie homelands.

Yacht Rocker Emm Gryner Release New LP & Single

Focus track “Loose Wig” was inspired by a Rolling Stone article about Donald Fagen “keeping his sense of humour” in isolation. The song title was one of the phrases that Donald used in this particular article to describe a political figure. The groovy song is Emm’s way of staying positive amidst the hopelessness.

Tim Kinsella & Jenny Pulse Sign to Kill Rock Stars, Release New Single “Sun Inspector”

“Most of our songs go through long, slow evolutions and this song’s transformation is as profound as any of them. It began as dreamy layers of patterned choirs, synths, and vocals. We lived with it like that for at least six months before it ever occurred to us to add a slow beat,” says Kinsella of the track. “Another year passed and it came time to figure out how to play some songs live. This song, we reduced and transmogrified different melody lines into guitar and bass parts, and then added a fast beat. The ‘Sun Inspector,’ that’s the bureaucrat tasked with ensuring that the sun doesn’t slack on its procedural duties.”

Our Broken Garden Share New Single “Fallen” / Announce Album Out August 25 via Bella Union

Commenting on the track Anna Brønsted says: “I love The Blue Nile and had been listening to ‘The Downtown Lights’ on repeat – so I was inspired by the main riff in that song, and ‘Fallen’ is built around a similar same riff. I invited drummer Sebastian Rochford over from the UK to play with my band and we found a feel for the song together in the studio. Afterwards we added the brass parts to enhance the soulful vibe.”

DEFILED Streams New Album ‘The Highest Level’ Ahead of Release

Moreover, 2023 marks a seminal year for DEFILED as it celebrates three decades since the release of their first demo and twenty years since the Japanese death dealers formed a union with Season of Mist!

Introducing: GANGS OF KIN & anthemic new jam ‘Mass Confusion’

Nat Myers releases new single ‘Ramble No More’ with Jason Momoa shot visual

‘Ramble No More’ was recorded in Auerbach’s Nashville home and was co-written by Myers and Auerbach with Pat McLaughlin – a hero of Nat’s for his collaborations with John Prine, Taj Mahal and many more. The song has also been dedicated to another hero of Myers, the Depression-era Delta blues pioneer Tommy McClennan.

Big Words Release New Single “Summer Never Felt This Sad”

“‘Summer Never Felt This Sad’ is a song about a secret relationship,” shares Will on the song. “I fell in love with a friend, it was a beautiful but treacherous romance that came crashing down in the summer. Nobody knew about us, although it was fun, the severity of our feelings soon became impossible to ignore. I wrote the song about feeling like a fake person, unable to admit my love, I was hurt and sadly we never spoke again.”


As June nuptials approach, Michael Lington celebrates the season of new beginnings with a very special song and video, “Keri’s Song.” Brimming with the sense of wonder that stirs in your soul when you see the one you love walking down the aisle towards you, “Keri’s Song” is a gorgeous, soaring ode to true love. Written especially for Lington’s bride and first performed for her at their wedding, it also has a universal, timeless quality, like the “Wedding March” or “We’ve Only Just Begun.”

PRE’s SNUPE BANDZ Drops Video for “Bigger Dreams”

The track finds SNUPE exploring the distance between his roots and the heights of his career, sharing the lessons he learned along the way. “Bigger Dreams” is the latest video from BOYZ IN THE HOOD, the 2022 collaborative project between SNUPE and fellow PRE hotshot PaperRoute Woo, following the recent cut for Woo’s “Different Channel.”

Metallic hardcore band Ephemeral sign with DAZE, share new single “Tower Has Fallen”

“Tower Has Fallen”, the new single from South Florida metallic hardcore band Ephemeral, is absolutely punishing in the best way. Deathcore style vocals meet menacing guitars that move from fast riffs to electrifying metal moments. The track stems from the band’s debut EP, Tower Of Silence, set for release May 19th on the fast growing metal and hardcore label DAZE. Working with Anthony Burke (Magnitude, Envision) who handled recording, mixing, and mastering, Ephemeral has crafted five songs that hit with equal parts rage and melancholy. The lyrics play off the human condition, exploring themes of suffering and darkness attached to negativity.

Hanna Ögonsten’s EP ‘have you seen my mind cause I’ve lost it’ is an alt-pop haven

Swedish-born artist Hanna Ögonsten has returned with focus single ‘Kick Off My Shoes’ along with her sophomore EP ‘have you seen my mind cause I’ve lost it’ – including recently released singles ‘Lost It’ and ‘Big Teeth’ – due for release 28th April 2023.