Dashin Releases Her New Single Passenger Of Life

Dashin is a Singer – songwriter , producer coming From India . She is trying to Make something that is different or is not available for her people and others . Her focus is on giving out Lyrics that are easy , meaningful in English over topics that are less discussed or to give different perspective.

“Passenger Of Life” is a single that is she is sharing through her experience on life , it’s about how we as humans travel through life and hope to be happy , that no guide can help no planning can give happiness . Some times unexpected things that life plans for you gives most happy moments of life . The title of the song is also deeply thought about , Humans are just Passengers , Few people live it Fast Just like traveling on an aeroplane while few others have it slow just like traveling on a train . Still Non of the passengers are always happy of their state and speed of their long life .

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