Mike Matney is a musician from Southwest Virginia who’s first solo album is highly sought after by collectors worldwide bringing a $1,000 a copy. Matney is currently recording a new album with artist /producer Stevie Salas. (Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake, Rod Stewart).

Mike who is primarly a rocker but is outspoken about his Christian faith while on break from recording his upcoming rock album has recently released a a new faith based song/video “Calvary” over the Easter Holidays. Matney had help with the production of the song from his long time friend Joe Clark and the video was created by his filmmaker friend Cody Reid. Cody and Matney had worked on previous projects together.

It was only Matney’s intention or hope to get the song and video played in his local church, but he agreed to let his wife post it on Facebook. It received so many plays and interest during the first few days it was out, that Matney decided to send it to a few friends including Kim May from Rive Video. Kim really liked it and contacted Mike to share the video with all.