Melbet games between bets

Monotony can quickly become boring. Even an interesting and beloved activity can turn into a torture. That is why, if you want to enjoy your bets as long as possible, you should alternate them with rest. This is a very easy task for Melbet games

This kind of entertainment just give a portion of adrenaline and excitement. You don’t have to play for real money, you can use the free play mode. The main activity for the betting company is, of course, betting, but there is a huge range of mini-games prepared for customers, so everyone will find something to his liking.

What to play?

It is necessary to pass registration to start playing on the site. By the way, the office has taken care to always be close to customers. The smartphone app has the same functionality as the website. Playing on the Melbet website in games is simple and easy. Thanks to the clear interface, registration and search for the slot does not take much time. 

The Fast Game section is popular among the large selection of gamers. There are several dozens of the best fast and short games, both familiar and brand new. In this category, the favorites are:

  • 21;
  • Apple of fortune;
  • Gold of the West.
  • Thimbles.

Despite the somewhat primitive nature of some slots, they remain in demand among gamers. For example, thimbles. All that is required from the player is to guess under which cap the ball is located. By the way, before the game, you can set the number of items you are looking for: one or two. Two balls increase the chances to win, but in such a game, the odds of winning will be less. This game is incredibly fast, but it is so addictive that time flies by without a trace. It is impossible not to mention the quality graphics of the slots. The visual effect is very solid.

Apple of fortune and Gold of the West are very similar to the game Minesweeper. In fact, the player has to guess where the item is located. Everything depends solely on luck and fortune, and attempts to analyze the actions of the machine make no sense. Mini-games are designed for fun, it is possible to make money on them, but thanks to chance.

Advantages of mini-games

The majority of bettors who spend a lot of time analyzing predictions and making bets need a break from time to time. You can change the activity with Melbet  mini-games. It is not necessary to play for real money, so this pastime is safe and pleasant. The slots will give a charge of adrenaline and excitement without prejudice to the wallet. After registration, newcomers can take advantage of special bonuses that will make the game even more exciting.