Drunken Logic unleashes his charismatic and hard-hitting alt-rock sound in ‘Born Mad’

Drunken Logic is the brainchild of Jake Cassman, an American who channels his anger about the political landscape we found ourselves in, into a plethora of catchy, hook-filled al-trock music that travels far and wide.

His latest EP ‘An Awful Lot of Nothing’ is an ode to those who have felt the shift of the tide, from the continued mass shootings, to toxic masculinity, Cassman hits all those tough to speak out about points with personality and vigour. Lead single ‘Born Mad’ is an understatedly explosive offering, with a message to those who commit these obscene and horrendous attacks. Drunken Logic finds the line between rock, pop and indie with a 90s twist, and it’s mightily refreshing to say the least.

He says “Born Mad” is my attempt to understand the mindset of someone who may go on to commit a mass shooting — a uniquely American phenomenon that is at once profoundly shocking and no longer the least bit surprising. The narrator is a profoundly alienated and angry young man, someone who feels trapped by society’s expectation of him and his own definition of masculinity. This song is a headbanger, and I’m proud of it, but it should make you feel uncomfortable the deeper you listen to it — it still makes me uncomfortable, and I wrote the damn thing.”