Hollywood and Australian songwriting collaboration scores Hollywood music nomination

The EDM/retro pop track “You’ll Feel Nothing (feat. Nomi Abadi)” has received its first nomination- for best “Mixing/Engineering” – at the inaugural Hollywood Independent Music Awards (HIMAs).

This song was originally written for a cyberpunk film scene, but was re-imagined and further developed into a retro pop track by Australian based music composer/producer/songwriter Jacquie Joy.  Jacquie collaborated with Aussie lyricist Janet Rebecca Taylor to help the song find a lyrical voice- one of self discovery and empowerment.  Talented LA based singer Nomi Abadi agreed to join the team, and with the help of her Hollywood vocal recording engineer Keir Schmidt, they recorded some pristine vocals that were perfect for the song’s new direction.  

This first time ‘global’ collaboration has been a success with over 50k Spotify streams and the team is really excited to hear that “You’ll Feel Nothing” is being recognised in the first round of HIMA nominations.  The HIMAs award ceremony is being held on August 17th at The Avalon.  The HIMA’s are a part of the ‘expansion’ of the very prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

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