If you met him as a kid, you might not have expected up-and-coming pop-star ADVM (pronounced “Adam”) to be where he’s at today. Out in the boonies of rural Quebec, teenage Adam spent most of his time strumming metal chords on his guitar. He didn’t quite fit in with his French-speaking peers, so when he moved to the West Coast of Canada, he started to really blossom as a creator. Once in Vancouver—his adopted home, rep’d by the “V” in ADVM—he started teaching himself music production and dropping tracks on Soundcloud. A few of his songs caught the attention of his mentor-to-be: Canadian songwriter Nick Clark, a fellow Vancouver loyal who creates under the CLVRK moniker. CLVRK put ADVM through an intense songwriting boot camp, connecting him with PUSH Management to bring his career to the next level. Now armed with dozens of original songs and a team behind him, ADVM is poised to take on the entire continent. Jump on for the come-up—before ADVM rolls this party out of Eden.

Before you hit play, remember that this will be just the first of many times you hear ADVM’s breakout hit “Weekend.” The song launches off with a mischievous, vibey guitar riff over a grooving beat that will have you dancing before ADVM even says a word. Once he swoops in with his casual and catchy lyrics, you’ll start singing along without even noticing it. Welcome to a raucous weekend in the life of ADVM, where the only thing that keeps up with the ensuing debauchery is the pace of the music. Consider this song your permission to party.

And if you don’t quite know how to get things going, just crack open the music video for “Weekend,” directed by R. Malcolm Jones. Right off the bat, we catch ADVM waking up from last night’s party, ready to get at it again. After throwing on his Eightball & MJG tee, he hops in his Tesla to get the word out about the party. Sending his parents out of town for the weekend Aaron Carter-style, the crew rolls in and things turn up. His parents return to see everybody passed out, sprawled across the floor—-but as they scream his name, ADVM is nowhere to be found… probably out lighting up another day of the “Weekend.”

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