@skopemag news – friday – april 14, 2023 @ 6 am est

@skopemag news – friday – april 14, 2023 @ 6 am est


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Nashville Singer, Songwriter & Producer Phillip LaRue Releases Emotional New Single “Amen”

“Amen” was written about LaRue’s grandmother who suffers from dementia and examines the feeling of losing someone who is still amongst us. “It’s a strange disease, because it feels like a long slow goodbye. She’s still with us, but it doesn’t feel like it. Even though she doesn’t remember me anymore, she still has a childlike joy. She was an anchor for me growing up as my second mom in many ways. It was surreal when things started falling apart for her mentally. ‘Amen’ is a reflection of the impact she’s had on me and the surrender of letting go of what you can’t control, so you have faith a bigger picture is being painted,” reveals LaRue.

Chris James Releases Upbeat and Relatable New Album ‘Why Should We Turn Around?’ Today

Chris James captivates fans and industry alike, allowing listeners to find comfort and solace in his relatable music. “‘Why Should We Turn Around?’ recognizes the good moments in life as well as the bad, and fully embraces both. It’s about seeing life as a journey rather than a destination and always getting back up when you fall into hard times.”

Canadian Alt-RnB Artist kerri Announces Cinematic HURTING EP

kerri had this to say about HURTING: “This EP is a powerful reminder to learn from the pain you’ve experienced, not dwell in it. It paints the picture of someone afraid of the world and angry at themselves who learns over the course of these songs to have faith. Although most of the songs are uplifting, the stunning closer is one last look back at the loneliest corner of someone’s mind before choosing a life of clarity. Each song on the project was made in intimate spaces, from a cafe in Toronto to my own bedroom, with people I trust.”

FAUNS: New Orleans Post-Doom Quartet Release New Single “Ashen;” Announce New EP “Surcease”

New Orleans post-doom quartet FAUNS has released the first single, “Ashen,” off their upcoming sophomore EP Surcease, due out independently next month.

Country Newcomer Nathan Wilson Releases New Single “Good At Gettin’ Gone”

“This next chapter of my career I’m exploring a new side of my artistry,” explains Nathan.” With the announcement of the publishing deal, I’ve been writing non-stop to deliver nothing but the absolute best into everything I’m releasing for you.”


In “why me?,” Zevia expresses her soul as she shares her sorrow-filled emotions and seemingly depressive state. Through her soft vocals and masterful piano background, she paints a vivid picture of shattered hopes and dreadful days. The lyrics, laced with raw emotion and introspection, bring to life the pain of not being seen by those around you, loneliness, and trying to survive through trials and tribulations.


“WICKED!” arrives as the last glimpse into JELEEL!’s upcoming debut album REAL RAW!, arriving May 5th. Alongside the hard-hitting single, the project will also feature previous tracks “GNARLY!” feat. Armani White and “RIDE THE WAVE!” which The FADER hailed calling JELEEL! “a relative newcomer quickly taking world by storm and stealing some hearts in the process.”


Brevin Kim’s new album ‘High School Football’ is here

On this album, brothers Cal and Bren explore their complex relationship with home and their All-American upbringing in suburban New England. A journey back to their hometown for the video (Dir. Undine Markus) accompanying the album brings this story to life alongside songs that mix trademark Brevin Kim experimentation with big, guitar-driven hooks.

Lusaint reveals stunning sophomore single ‘Fool For You’

The track follows Lusaint’s powerful lead single ‘Dark Horse’, which received support from BBC Introducing Manchester and Victoria Jane on BBC Radio 1 amongst other tastemakers. ‘Fool For You’ is another glimpse of the Mancunian songstress’ debut EP self sabotage, set for release later this year. The track spotlights Lusaint’s distinctive voice, which has captured hearts since her 2019 breakthrough with its melodic blend of jazz and blues influences.

Ash Olsen – The Juice

There aren’t many artists doing it like Ash Olsen at the moment. At a time when the boundaries of gender are dissolving, Olsen’s arrival of androgynous releases seem perfectly timed to fill the gap in the market for a female rapper who isn’t afraid to stand up against conventionality and challenge the historically gendered nature of genre.

Berlin-based Post Metallers HAVEN Release New Single And Video “Rue”; Album Coming Via ARGONAUTA Records Later This Year

In the music video for their new single “Rue”, HAVEN once again show that carefully curated visual presentations are an essential part of their aesthetic. Performer and professional dancer Kira Metzler and HAVEN’s vocalist Norman play off symbolic objects and each other in a bleak setting, while energetic shots of the band round off the atmosphere – skillfully captured by DOP Kalle Kallovsky.

OUT TODAY: Nadia Essah – Happy (FFO Alicia Keys, H.E.R., neo-soul)

After starting 2023 with February’s revenge-fantasy single “Look What You Made Me Do”, Oslo’s rising R&B artist-producer Nadia Essah is back with her second single of the year. “Happy” is out today.

New from Lofi artist Yxngxr1 ‘Downtown LA’



‘Pork Pies’ brims with the brash, no bullshit personality that we’ve come to expect from Kayla Grace. Accused of having a god complex by some boorish love interest, Kayla holds nothing back as she takes aim and sinks his bravado with quick-witted killer lines like, “Think your mouth is probably a laxative ‘cos you’re talking shit.” Her acerbic dismissal is matched by waves of barbed pop-punk melodies and jangly Britpop guitars, complete with a modern bedroom pop edge.

PARLIAMO — Return With Ecstatic New Single: “You’re An Animal” || Listen Now

A funk-laden guitar pop anthem filled with hazy melodies that flutter and float like the last rays of sun dipping behind the horizon on a languid summer day, “You’re An Animal” arrives as the first new music from Parliamo this year.

CHAPPAQUA WRESTLING release debut album | ‘Plus Ultra’ out today via EMI | Watch the official video for new single ‘Need You No More’

As the band have introduced the world to their debut full length offering Plus Ultra with singles such as ‘Full Round Table’, ‘Wayfinding’, ‘Wide Asleep’ and ‘Need You No More’, a snapshot of the band’s headspace has come into clearer and clearer focus. They’ve lit a match under corrupt politicians, toasted the power of freewheeling revelry, and lambasted social media’s ability to warp minds. They have however always stuck to a sound that goes for the jugular, ensuring that Plus Ultra has the strength to take its own advice: be brave, ask questions, and don’t fear the unknown.