Rene Erickson with New Release, “Never Gone”

Rene Erickson releases a phenomenal instrumental track called “Never Gone”. This multi-talented guitarist and songwriter has released the lead single, “Never Gone”, off of the album titled Silent Street. Rene is also a music producer for established acts and promising new artists. Erickson’s original composition credits include indie films and network TV. Rene Erickson is obviously a multi-dimensional artist, but the urge and thrill to create new art is “Never Gone”.

What I loved most about this song is that Rene is literally making the guitar speak. No words needed as the guitar does all the talking. Bold, bright chords are buzzing in your ears from start to finish on “Never Gone”. With stellar instrumentation, Rene Erickson strums those guitar strings with finesse. “Never Gone” is melodic to the core and is one top-tier recording for the ages!

I thoroughly enjoyed Rene Erickson’s new single, “Never Gone”, because it has a distinct tone that stands out. There’s a certain type of charm to “Never Gone” that will connect with many listeners out there.

You can SKOPE of the official music video for “Never Gone” right here:

I can’t wait to hear Silent Street in its entirety but in the meantime bask in the glory of “Never Gone” by Rene Erickson.

By Jimmy Rae