Tatiana Monèt Brown is an American singer/ songwriter from New Jersey. Her family states “she started singing as early as she could talk”. Her mom, who was in the church choir and her dad who is a rapper/ songwriter, sparked her interest in music at a very young age. Tati and her father share a love for music and bond over the process of creating it. Tati recorded her first song with her dad at 12 years old. Tati first captured the public’s eye in 2019 when she released her first two singles “It’s Over” and “Run it Up” while in college. Since that time, the young artist has recorded 15 other songs and also gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

According to Tati, her style of music is “R&B with a sprinkle of Hip-Hop”. “The outcome (of the music) is what inspires me to create music. Bringing my vision to light and hearing the final product always gets me pumped. Hearing songs that I’ve made and reminiscing about how and why those lyrics were used to create them is always a surreal feeling. The creative fire never stops burning for me. Life is a rollercoaster with many ups and downs, new relationships and surprises so it is limitless. And that is how I see music.” – Tatiana Monèt Brown

In her latest single, “Gettin’ to The Bag”, Tati uses the moment to flaunt a luxurious life- consisting of money, shopping and partying with friends. She tells it how it is: “Don’t get too attached // I ain’t got the time.” When asked how she came up with this song, Tati explained, “I just heard the beat and started singing. It only took about an hour to write the lyrics. I had my girls with me for support, so the process was a lot of fun”.

“Music has, and always will be a big part of my life. I’m fully invested in this. It is my passion.” – Tatiana Monèt Brown

The visuals match her lyrics and the idea of living a ‘high-class life’. “This is something that I will look back at one day when I possess everything that I worked hard for and fantasized about.” – Tatiana Monèt Brown

When asked about what Tati stands for, she advised, “I stand for many things, especially helping the community. That is why I would also like “Getting to the bag” to be used as a slogan for giving back” in which her sorority is highly known for. Aside from the title to her latest track, Tati created reusable bags in which she frequently donates food and clothes to those less fortunate. “Ya’ll know reusable bags are a hot commodity in Jersey”, she said with a giggle.