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@skopemag news – friday – april 7, 2023 @ 1 pm est


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SM6 Navigates Butterflies And Dramatics of Romance in Debut Album Rom Com

Budding indie-pop sensations SM6 have released their debut album Rom Com, a seven-track powerhouse narrating the ups and downs of infatuation and love, navigating the frenzy of attraction, alongside misunderstandings and dramatics which unfold. Rom Com is available now to stream and download on all digital platforms globally.

The Nightmares share “Murder Season” feat. Will Gould of Creeper

Today, UK band The Nightmares have released their debut album Séance, out on Equal Vision Records and Venn Records (UK/EU). Centered around recurring themes of death, love and mourning, The Nightmares create a dark, yet hopeful sound blending noir-pop, post-punk, goth, and alternative. A life-changing experience with the other side inspired what would become the ten tracks on Séance, resulting an infectious and powerful debut album, conveying a message of paranormal love and supernatural fear.

Worriers release new album ‘Warm Blanket,’ share video for title track

Cleveland doom-gazers HIRAM-MAXIM deliver intense new album Colder today

Cleveland’s HIRAM-MAXIM deliver their intense new, city-levelling ripper Colder today. Unlike the hurried sessions of old, Colder is the result of a more nuanced, un-rushed studio experience. The result is an album with twice the songs of the band’s debut, but retaining all the hallmarks of HIRAM-MAXIM’s noisy sound, a sonic sturm and drang reflecting the band’s varied influences.


“Save Me (From Myself)” takes the listener on a sonic journey with vivid highs and jarring lows. “I lost my light on my own, tryna find my way out of the dark — terrified, all alone,” Hume sings over waves of melodic bass. “But you saw the smoke and you came, pulled me through the flames, carried me away.” The song builds to a bone-rattling drop that boasts bombastic synths and propulsive percussion, making it another winning addition to NURKO’s discography.

Steve Adamyk Band Release Drunk Dial Records 7″!

For those who don’t know, here’s how Drunk Dial Records operates: they invite artists they adore into a recording studio to write and record an original song and cover a classic tune in one session. But there’s a catch! The artist or band in question must compose and perform these songs while inebriated. The recordings are then released as a 7” vinyl single.

Sam Grow shares new single “Red Lights”

Country music recording artist Sam Grow unveils his first new release of the year with his heartfelt single, “Red Lights.” Written by James LeBlanc and Grow himself, the single boasts emotional and relatable lyrics that anyone experiencing heartbreak can sing along to while tapping their foot to the upbeat tempo. “Red Lights” is now available for download and stream on all digital platforms!

Brooklyn band Durtle releases “We’re Installing Three New Elevators”, album illustrates the universal experience of youth in the city

Brooklyn band Durtle releases “We’re Installing Three New Elevators”, album illustrates the universal experience of youth in the city Durtle is a Brooklyn band that is changing the wave of New York’s music scene. They combine the iconic sounds of the city’s streets with rock, metal and trap influences like City Morgue and Alice in Chains. They have performed live extensively, rocking audiences all over the States and beyond.

With their new album, “We’re Installing Three New Elevators” the duo illustrates the universal experience of youth and brings us an intimate look at the neighborhoods and clubs of New York. The city is a place of opportunity, but also of darkness, and this album reflects the upheavals and disturbances that keep people down.


MARK released his first solo song “Child” through SM’s “STATION : NCT LAB” in February last year. The track debuted at #8 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart and debuted on the Billboard Global Excl. US chart. “Child” received positive reviews, appearing on Teen Vogue’s “The 79 Best K-Pop Songs of 2022” list of 2022 and winning Top 20 Song of the Year (Overseas) at the 2022 Asian Pop Music Awards.

Oracle Sisters Debut Album ‘Hydranism’ Out Now

San Cisco Releases Hypnotizing New Track “Horoscope”


“After each of my last four albums I’ve released acoustic counterparts – it’s something that fans expect at this point,” notes Lights. “But PƎP never felt like an acoustic thing to me. I actually haven’t picked up my acoustic guitar in a long time, it’s just not right for this era. PƎP is alt, hyper and vibrantly sarcastic, visually extravagant and exaggerated in all forms, so I wanted its counterpart to be the absolute opposite: dark, chill and electronic. I enjoyed really developing my production toolset, digging into the chill step genre, using heavy bass tones set on dreamy soundscapes. If PƎP is for dancing and feeling yourself, dEd is for driving and making out. After all, dEd is PEP turned PƎP down—even the tracklist is reversed.”


On “Lost My Mind (Wake Up),” BUNT. samples Elley’s original 2018 hit single, “LOST MY MIND.” BUNT. comments, “I was delivering groceries on a bike in order to pay my rent last year, believing that this music thing will all work out at some point. Now I can announce this. Elley Duhé has been one of my favourite artists for years now – having a song with her still feels unreal to me.”


Stacey Ryan, the 22-year old Montreal singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist and queen of “Jazz-Tok,” whose brand new single “Bad For Me” was released just one week ago, now celebrates a career milestone with the arrival of I Don’t Know What Love Is, her long-awaited debut EP available today via Island Records.

Scowl release Psychic Dance Routine EP, out now on Flatspot Records

Sant Cruz, CA band Scowl have released their highly-anticipated EP, Psychic Dance Routine, out today on Flatspot Records. On Psychic Dance Routine, Scowl push the boundaries of their sound and artistic presence, ranging from hardcore to alternative rock with moments of pop and indie. As the band puts it, “it’s like Negative Approach meets The Breeders.”

Puma June Sheds the Past in New Single “Glass Curtain”

“Glass Curtain” is ultimately about shedding the weight of the darkness of the past. “My sister, brother and I didn’t have an easy childhood,” Puma June discloses about the new single. “This song started as an apology to my siblings for how much pain they felt, and my own feeling of helplessness to take that hurt away. It grew into more of a call for us to come together and let [it all] go.”


“Street Honors” cements the range of realness Ralo has maintained since his emergence on the music scene. Currently incarcerated, Ralo shows that no holds are barred for the Rap maven as he expresses his deepest thoughts and overall artistry. Evoking feelings that make his presence felt through grim bells and a knocking base, “Street Honors” moreover doubles-down on the strength of Ralo, which has not—in the slightest bit, weakened. As it stands, it has been 97 months since Ralo has been incarcerated. His forthcoming project, along with today’s new track, was recorded entirely on the phone.

Dermot Kennedy shares live performance of “Already Gone”

New single from Pearl Jam founder Stone Gossard’s Loosegroove Record artist Jonny Polonsky

Americana Super Group, Cimarron 615, Releases Full Length Album Brand New Distance

On their debut album Brand New Distance, Cimarron 615 announce themselves as a vibrant new voice with rich Nashville roots. The 10-song record channels a collective heritage that includes Poco, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and more into a refreshingly contemporary take on harmony-laden, narrative country rock. Brand New Distance is due out April 7, 2023 via KZZ Music. Cimarron 615 just performed at SXSW and will play The Roxy and NAMM in Los Angeles next week with more tour dates to come.


With pining lyrics like in your eyes, there’s terror, and I will be the bearer of your history, Todd’s newest release tells the tale of yearning for a connection.

“Talk To Me is about being there for someone without any kind of judgement,” Todd explains. “Communication is key to any kind of relationship and if you don’t talk to one another, it will all go south.”

New Music This Week from Mudhoney, Yaeji, Rae Sremmurd, Ellie Goulding and More.

New Releases for April 07, 2023 – Here are the AllMusic editors’ picks for the most noteworthy releases this week. Looking for more? Visit our New Releases page.

TODAY Sam Corbett of The Sheepdogs Debuts Solo LP ‘NUTANA’

“Ave H Blue is the street I live on. When I was diagnosed in summer 2018, we had to cancel a couple of shows so I could have surgery,” Corbett says candidly. “I had some follow-up tests, and the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. I had to back out of a couple of Sheepdogs tours to get the treatment. That was a very hard decision because I’ve been in the band from the beginning in 2004. I’d never not played a Sheepdogs show. The radiation treatments made me very sick and weak; I couldn’t even play the drums. But I could play the piano, and I started writing a bunch of melodies and songs that later became this album. It’s what I worked on when the guys were on tour, and I was recovering at home.”

Brooklyn’s Stimmerman (bassist / producer Eva Lawitts) releases new animated video for “Mirror” today!


Prestonsburg, Kentucky, native Nicholas Jamerson announces the forthcoming release of Peace Mountain, his sixth studio album, due for release on May 19. The new single “Billy Graham Parkway,” written by Allun Cormier, is available today on all digital streaming platforms.

“Mexican Kevin Gates” Houston rapper DeeBaby’s new album

A raw collection of melodic Texas rap tunes, Junkie Mode immerses listeners into DeeBaby’s mind, dripping with the ambition and relatability that endeared the rapper to his legion of fans. The rising rapper compares his need to create to a junkie’s need to get a fix. Spanning 26 tracks, the new mixtape is home to recent singles like the heartbroken “Anymore” (3.3 million views on YouTube), recent single “Bank Statements & Deposits” (880k video views in just two days), and the moving “Junkie Mode (Intro)” (4.8 million views), in which he speaks on his deepest feelings and resolves, “I’ve been cut before, but I can’t bleed on you.”


Today, GRAMMY® Award-nominated artist, producer, and songwriter Kid Culture shares a brand-new single entitled “Persistence of Memory” via Epic Records and Vol 1 Records.

[Single] Redd Rebel – Mass Hysteria prod. by The Nerds Music Production

ÅSKVÄDER Release New Single “Misfortune”

Swedish garage rock band ÅSKVÄDER have released the electrifying single “Misfortune” on all streaming platforms via The Sign Records. The four-piece also announce are pleased to announce a tour that will take place in Spain late May/early June.

Genre Bending Rock Artist CAGE WILLIS Releases New Album ‘Who I Am’ Out Now!

Genre bending rock artist Cage Willis released his debut album Who I Am today! The album featuring “Hallucinate” and “Way Out Here”is best played turned up to 12! Who I Am was produced by Chris Robertson and engineered by Jordan Westfall. Cage will be on tour in support of the new record this spring with legendary classic rock band Foreigner.

E.S.P. (Engineered Society Project) Release New EP “MyTV” via Mindsnap Music/Combat Records

Former Gargantua Soul singer and Woodstock ’99 veteran, Kris Keyes, secures frontman position and takes over all vocal duties for Tim “Ripper” Owens joining the classic style metal band E.S.P. (Engineered Society Project).