What glass products can be used for home design?

Modern trends in the interior design require the reduction of various details to a minimum and maximum expansion of space. At the moment, various elements and structures made of glass are popular and in demand. They fill the room with a lot of light, expand the area, look expensive and presentable.

Glass constructions are not only very beautiful, but also very practical and easy to take care of. They are quite easily combined with different interior styles and other materials. When decorating the house, glass countertops, glass partitions in the bathroom and railings, interior doors made of glass, and glass stairs are mainly used. All these products are made of special tempered glass, which can withstand high loads. Such constructions and interior items are absolutely safe for human health. The glass countertop will not only complement the design of the kitchen, but will also be perfect for cooking. All glass products are strong enough, so they have a long service life. You can complement glass structures with the help of illumination, tinting or combination with other materials.

Mercury Glass & Mirror is engaged in the production of custom high-quality glass structures and various interior details according to individual sizes. These are shower doors, various glass partitions and interior doors, as well as glass countertops. The latter are very popular among customers. With their help, you can make the kitchen interior unique.

The company has been operating on the market for more than 10 years. During this time, it has implemented many projects, created unique glass structures. Examples of works and customer reviews can be viewed on the website. In addition to glass structures, the company also manufactures mirrors, which are an indispensable element of everyday life for every person. A properly selected mirror can become a highlight of the interior, significantly expanding the space of the room.

Different glass elements and structures fit perfectly into any interior design. It can be classic, modern, loft or Provence and so on. This is especially true for small houses or apartments, where with the help of glass you can visually expand the space. At the same time, glass elements look very good in the interior of large rooms. Using glass structures, you can make the interior of the house unique and special.