How to make chicken soup more healthy

Chicken soup is undoubtedly one of the most loved chicken dishes by non-veg lovers. Usually, chicken and other meats are criticised by health experts for fat content, cholesterol and whatnot. But it is one of the few dishes that are actually advised by doctors to patients for good health.For athletes, wrestlers, bodybuilders or actors, chicken soup is mostly in the diet of all these people. With the name of chicken associated it is indeed a significant source of protein, but chicken soup is much more beneficial than just providing proteins. 

But there is always some chance of improvement in every work we do. Similarly, the healthy quotient of chicken soup can also be enhanced further by adding a few items. The benefits of chicken soup range from fulfilling your demand for proteins, to treating inflammation, and cold, hydrating your body etc. The strength on the bed which you derive from Cenforce 150 or Vidalista 60 could also be derived from chicken soup. So, there is something for every person to enrich themselves with chicken soup. 

Preventing overweight

Obesity is the biggest issue in the current times. It seems everyone is on a mission to reduce weight and burn cholesterol. In this mission of yours to lose weight, chicken soup can be a great help, due to the low calories. While on diet you need food that does not contain many calories but still fulfils your nutritional demand, where chicken soup perfectly fits in.

Tackle inflammation

Inflammation can be really disturbing, it may not be a big issue but it harms daily activities by causing swelling, itching or other symptoms. The carnosine present in chicken meat fights inflammation to relieve us without taking anti-inflammatory drugs. This is one of the main reasons why during a cold, cough or any viral infection chicken soup is preferred. Here, you have the advantage of both taste and medicinal benefits, what more do you want!!!

Keeps you hydrated

It is important for your body to remain hydrated in order to remain good metabolism. The tissues and cells lose elasticity, due to which transmission of nutrients across the body is affected. For the transportation of nutrients, enough fluid must be present in the body, but unfortunately, we do not have the habit of drinking water. So, we need to take water from our foods and chicken soup will surely provide it. 

How to make chicken soup healthier?

Add veggies

The easiest way to make your bowl of chicken soup healthier is by adding more vegetables. You can include green beans, carrots, cabbage, broccoli etc. These will make it look colourful and increase its nutritional value. Vegetables are rich sources of dietary fibre that could help you get smooth bowels. Besides, they also contain a mixed bag of Vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin K etc. 

These vitamins contribute to strengthening the immune system to guard you against antigens. Otherwise, you would frequently fall ill to infections, inflammation etc. 

Add a pinch of black pepper

Black pepper is one of the famed household spices for its medicinal value. You could get it easily in your kitchen, if not then surely in local markets. While we suffer from cough, cold or enough other such minor infections black pepper fights them effectively. This is why you would have observed that your parents or grandparents prepare tea with black pepper when you complain of a cough or cold. 

In several Ayurveda and Unani medicines as well, there is the mention of black pepper. So, you can understand its importance, hence a pinch of black pepper in your chicken soup can do wonders. 

Add ghee or butter

If you are suffering from accumulated cough, then try adding a tablespoon of butter or ghee to your chicken soup. They both are a form of oil, but they are categorised as healthy fats that lead to the smoothness of tissues, and bones and bring a glow to the skin. Ghee or butter also helps to overcome constipation without taking any medical laxatives. 

Remove fatty pieces

Some people love to have chicken pieces that contain fats. Including more of such pieces in the soup might make the soup heavy and a bowl full of calories. But you need to be healthy, so exclude such fatty pieces and add leaner chicken parts. They are also tasty too much and good for health as well. 


Chicken is consumed in various forms, such as fries, and chops, as the main course with gravy, with rice, tortillas etc. But among them, if you compare the nutritional value, chicken soup stands out without any doubt. Taking Vidalista 40 instils energy within you that would make you full of vigour and strength. You are getting health along with taste, a combination which is rarely available, so why let it go!!