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SUGA of 21st century pop icons BTS will release the first official solo album D-DAY under his another moniker Agust D on April 21.

D-DAY marks the finale of Agust D’s trilogy following his two previous mixtapes Agust D (2016) and D-2 (2020). SUGA took part in the overall songwriting and producing of the album.

Ahead of the album release, SUGA will first reveal a pre-release track from the album on April 7.

American rock trio Female President releases “Joy Lab”, single is an anthem to all those still fighting for equality

JOY LAB is the first single released from “The Healing Ritual” and it sets the tone for a much louder, more aggressive, and energizing sound than on “Our Year To Grieve”. Healing is a tough and chaotic process, it often takes pain and discomfort to motivate change. Often when you work on making your life or circumstances better, you find yourself surrounded by strangers and outside of your comfort zone. The Healing Ritual explores the roller coaster ride from pain to peace.

Keiland Tower Party

Bio: Keiei is a Mexican artist who has lived in Canada for many years. This combination of culture, inclusion and Latin sounds has given him a unique style that characterizes him due to his varied flows and wide melodies. That guitar is inspired by those summer afternoons that make life feel lighter, while the piano contrasts with a nostalgic and aggressive glow, which reminds you of the sacrifice you have gone through to get here, combined with those drums that connect you to the rap of the 90’s and the set of lyrics and flows, is the perfect combination to feel nostalgic and motivation at the same time.

[Durtle] New EP

Music Submission: David Munoz

Pulling back the curtain with an affirmation of love, “Love is like a crystal” quickly lays down a solid melodic groove to set the mood. The poppy feel delivers familiarity but with enough flair to keep listeners hooked – David Munoz is a singer and songwriter who comes through with that element of innocence and resonant sound that listeners deeply gravitate towards.

[Video Submission] Kurt Solid “Kanye ’04” (prod. by Bronze Nazareth)

Kurt Solid debuts his first single “Kanye ’04” from his forthcoming album ‘The Process’ fully produced by the illustrious Bronze Nazareth.

This high-energy banger is filled with vocal wails, and drums that beat on your door demanding space in your head. That’s how melodic this fireball is. What really sets “Kanye ’04” apart are the lyrics.

NEW // Rising Songstress Tar Ráe Unveils Latest Single ‘Too Bad’

Housing a warm production, ‘Too Bad’ is an emotional test of love. Reputable for her silky vocals and enchanting lyricism, Tar Ráe wears her heart on her sleeve and takes accountability for her actions in this hypnotic single, “I took you for granted for real / Never thought of how I made you feel / And now you’re moving on and it’s too bad it wasn’t me / Heard you met someone and it’s going well / Heard she’s falling right where I should’ve fell”, she sings. Speaking on the release Tar Rae commented, “Too Bad is about admitting that you took someone important to you for granted and dealing with the regret you feel as a result”

Dexys return with new album ‘The Feminine Divine’ & release single ‘I’m Going To Get Free’…

Dexys are back! 11 years since the release of their last album of original music, the acclaimed One Day I’m Going to Soar, the band return with a stunning new record, The Feminine Divine, out July 28th on 100% Records.


‘The Zebra Wind’ lands us on the tenderer side of the coin to the brasher, more visceral ‘Shook’; a blurry-eyed magic carpet ride through a vista of “honey monkeys” and “bubble-wrapping trees / beneath which snakes lie still unseen / aborting lovestruck tenancies”, with Fyfe’s languid vocals hovering intimately high over a rolling, slow-motion ghostband accompaniment. At least until – in the playful twists that flow so readily in Fyfe’s music – words alone fail, and the the baton is grapped by (possibly) an elf with a penchant for freestyle scat-singing.

ERIN K releases gorgeous new video for ‘Keep Her’

Ahead of Paradise of Bachelors’ reissue of Roxy Gordon’s Crazy Horse Never Died, listen to “An Open Letter to Illegal Aliens”

Heather Woods Broderick Shares New Single/Video “Wherever I Go,” New LP ‘Labyrinth’ Out This Friday (Western Vinyl)

Across Labyrinth, Broderick serves as our reflective host, subverting expectations of conventional songcraft with impressionistic language and quietly relentless explorations of the human experience that’s at once light and dark, more circular and less linear. “Many of us yearn for stillness and peace, as an escape from the movement all around us,” she explains when asked about the themes of the album. “Yet movement is perpetual, happening all the time on some level. It’s as wild as the wind, yet eternally predictable in its inevitability. It is linear in part, but infinite in its circuitry. Our lives just punctuate it.” The album is a collection of beautifully-sung tone poems that pulse with elements of trip hop, true-to-life songcraft, and occasional peaks of electro-pop grandeur. The songs are also among her most spare to date, reflecting a natural, conscious progression towards being more exposed in her music, with her honeyed vocals upfront and the songs’ essence immediate to listeners.

Nashville’s Wila Frank Shares Gorgeous New single “Tonight” From Debut LP & Announces East Coast Tour

Wila Frank makes music that’s searching, cinematic, and introspective with scalpel-like precision. Her songs can clear the air, putting to music emotions that are deeply felt but only rarely spoken. With her debut album Black Cloud, the 24-year-old songwriter immediately sets a mesmerizing mood that showcases her evocative lyricism as well as her tasteful ear as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Though just eight tracks, the album is a resounding statement of intent, an introduction to a fully-formed voice and perspective that boasts a freewheeling ability to jump between genres and textures. This is an artist bravely coming into her own and making something thrilling and alive. “This album is about longing for a feeling of freedom, wanting to create my own world outside of the world I was living in,” she says.

CEO Trayle Lights It Up With “Meant 4 You,” from ‘The Collection Vol. 2’

Approaching beats from odd angles with his methodical flow, CEO Trayle is impossibly smooth. Taking time to look inward over a soulful instrumental, Trayle shares “Meant 4 You,” the latest music video from The Collection Vol. 2. Produced by B.Stribb, “Meant 4 You” blesses Trayle with an inviting canvas on which to paint, layering haunting vocal samples with a dancing bassline, rippling piano chords, and insistent 808s. Adhering to the contours of the beats with whispering come ons and the occasional verbal sound effect, Trayle plays the role of a lothario, but can’t keep the traumatic thoughts from creeping in: “And when they called and said my brother died, I hit the flo’,” he rhymes before a pregnant pause. In the video, directed by Decat, Trayle rocks an Avirex letterman jacket as he surreptitiously sets a building aflame.


Today, Rydell High’s T-Birds stake their claim for school supremacy with “New Cool,” the first original track released from the forthcoming Paramount+ original musical series Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies. The nostalgic track, which had its premiere on this morning’s episode of TODAY, celebrates a world that’s “down with the phonies and up with the New Cool,” and it’s accompanied by a boisterous dance through the auto body shop made famous by the seminal 1978 smash hit Grease.

Dexys (fka Dexys Midnight Runners) Announce New LP, Share “I’m Going To Get Free” Single + Video via Brooklyn Vegan | ‘The Feminine Divine’ Due 7/28

Heavy/Thrash metal trio Skid Life release fifth studio album “Awake”

Heavy/Thrash metal trio Skid Life release fifth studio album “Awake”
After a three-year hiatus, the Heavy/Thrash Metal group Skid Life reunites to record what would be the follow-up to their latest studio album “There’s No Peace”, released on the same day in 2017. The Brazilian trio made up of Anthony Juno on vocals and guitar, Billie on bass/vocals and Gar on drums release their fifth studio album “Awake”.

Rising from the ashes of a post-apocalyptic setting left behind by its predecessor, the new album comes with a theme of rebuilding and awakening in its lyrics. Awake is the band’s fifth studio album and features nine new tracks plus one bonus track.

OUT NOW: Pensive Producer WMD Releases Deliquesce LP (FFO: Alaskan Tapes, Yoste and Slow Meadow.)

THE INFINITY RING: New England Post-Industrial Outfit Issues “Gift Of Life” Video

THE INFINITY RING presents a new video for “Gift Of Life,” the third single from their debut LP, Nemesis & Nativity, ready to be released next week on Profound Lore Records.

BIG RED FIRE TRUCK Release Video For “Trouble In Paradise”

Australian hard rockers BIG RED FIRE TRUCK have released a video for “Trouble in Paradise”. The song, which is the title track from their upcoming EP, kicks off with high-energy guitar riffs, driving rhythms and dynamic drums. It’s a modern take on a classic hard rock sound filled with vocal harmonies and it packs a punch with heavy momentum.


Looking Ahead is fueled by a newfound sense of balance and purpose, reflecting the way finding his soulmate has changed everything about Lington’s life, including his music. Over the past few years, he married his wife Keri and became a family man, a devoted stepfather to her young daughter Lauren and a first-time dad (at 50!) with the birth of his now three-year-old son Landon. After calling Los Angeles home for 32 years, the Danish-born artist made the move to San Diego County. With all those dynamic shifts in his life, it’s no wonder that one of contemporary jazz’s most exhilarating artists is a whole new man – “Michael Lington 2.0.”

Nicole Sanzio Releases Debut Neo-Classical Album “In Transit”

Composed by Nicole Sanzio, and engineered, mixed, and mastered by Phillip Lewis (Doja Cat), Jill Tengan, Hal Cragin, Jason Mattia, and Joey Baron, Sanzio’s debut EP was recorded at Rusk Sound Studios and features self-written original piano compositions.

Glazergirl Releases New Single “Chilly Flower” to all major platforms!

Modern hard rock project Glazergirl™ aka “GG” (Jill R. Serfaty) released her newest single “Chilly Flower” to all major platforms. The single is from her forthcoming 5 song EP titled “Mothership” due out this spring.

Aurora Dream Releases Debut Full-Length Album ‘RUBIX’ to all major platforms!

Miami-based instrumental prog and math rock project Aurora Dream founded by 26-year-old Venezuelan guitarist Daniel Morales has released their highly anticipated first full-length album titled RUBIX. This album is the follow-up to their latest single and music video “Comfy,” which features the well-known Japanese guitarist Ichika Nito.