@skopemag Review of Bowman’s new single “Dust and Bone”

Kicking up a storm, BOWMAN delivers a raw, righteous slice of country rock on the riotous “Dust and Bone.” The rhythm is animalistic, ideally propelling the rest of the sound forward. A communal quality comes into view as the piece progresses. Volume is given, for his sound deserves to be felt. Interplay amongst the band is inspired as they swing wildly, adding to the sense of pure infectious energy. Lyricism focuses on trying to survive, push and thrive in an actively wretched world that crushes people in its wake. Thanks to this force of nature, the song feels dramatic.

A hard twang takes shape from the first moment. They waste no time with the piece descending into pure chaos. Upon pulling back that feral, fevered energy, the vocals feel commanding. His delivery is pitch-perfect, ensuring the clear-eyed intensity never gives up. Layer upon layer swirls about, allowing for a heartfelt, almost faith-based message. Going ever heavier, the evolution of the sound keeps working itself into a frenzy. When they unleash a series of solos, it has a sharpened edge, cutting to the issue’s core. Thanks to the chorus, the song has this sense of community that refuses to give up that defiant edge. The music gradually flies into a blur of beauty, going for tempos that push deep into the red.

“Dust and Bone” features the sheer determination of BOWMAN in presenting a wild, cacophonous take on the classic blues sound.