What Is It Like To Be an Aquarius?

Psychic readings for Aquarius reveal an eccentric personality that may perplex other zodiac signs. Ruled by the element of air and the planet Uranus, the Water Bearer has unique gifts that let it see lightyears beyond the accepted practices of its day. What is it like to be an Aquarius? Sometimes aloof, sometimes chaotic and always mysterious, this sign is truly one-of-a-kind.

Fighting Injustice

Those born under this sign have a strong moral compass. They can’t stand by and watch injustice happen — in fact, many Aquariuses feel called to pursue justice in its many forms:

  • Legal
  • Social
  • Economic

The Water Bearer isn’t one to live and let live. If someone opposes their ideals, Aquariuses have no problem moving on.

They also have the capacity to stand fast, especially when someone treats their loved ones unfairly. Though this sign doesn’t often express affection, it will go to bat for friends in a heartbeat.

Sleep Is for the Birds

Sharing a cusp with Capricorn, Aquarius has an internal drive with which few others can compete. While this sign’s goals differ significantly from the Sea Goat’s, they share a dedication to hard work that borders on unhealthy.

Unfortunately, this can get the Water Bearer in trouble. When Aquariuses single-mindedly pursue an end, they sometimes forgo sleep in an effort to get ahead. However, doing so is detrimental to both their well-being and their objectives.

Looking at the Big Picture

The Aquarius zodiac constellation is the Water Bearer, so many confuse it for a water sign. However, it’s actually the most classically “air” member of the zodiac.

People born under Aquarius focus on the abstract:

  • Dreams
  • Ideas
  • Perceptions

Their connection with air allows them to pull away from the minutiae of daily living and see on a grander scale. Their bird’s eye view, paired with incredible intelligence, lets them see the bigger picture and make decisions accordingly.

The downside is that Aquariuses may underestimate how much time and energy a project will take. Since they don’t have a strong material connection, they may bite off more than they can chew.

Disrupting the Status Quo

Uranus, named for the Roman sky god, is a portent of rapid upheaval. These changes can be good or bad but will undoubtedly remake the landscape.

It makes sense, then, that Aquarius is the sign of activists, rebels and visionaries. To more earth-bound zodiac members, the drastic measures the Water Bearer takes can seem coldly efficient or even mad, but this air sign knows better. Uranus isn’t just the planet of change — it also has dominion over freedom. Aquarius understands that initiating a paradigm shift is the only way to break free of complacency’s chains.

As an Aquarius love horoscope will tell you, those born under the Water Bearer may not easily connect with their peers, but taking the time to understand them can yield a beautiful relationship. Those born under this sign may have their heads in the clouds, but they also care deeply about what’s happening on Earth. When people connect with the Aquariuses in their lives, they get the best of both worlds.