Pete Miller Presents “I Wrote Hannah a Letter”

Pete Miller recommends stark realism in the confessional “I Wrote Hannah a Letter.” The unflinching honesty feels so raw. Intimacy reigns supreme, with him telling all. References abound, but perhaps the best point of contact is Johnny Cash’s harshest redemption arcs. Everything here is carefully sharpened down to get to the end of the matter. Lyrics are the true heart and soul of the entire experience. Guitar work adds to this conversational aspect, like revealing a deeply-held secret to a close, trusted friend. Quite muscular for its vocal/guitar pairing, he makes sure the message comes across crystal clear.

The song starts up unassumingly. Guitar chords go for the forceful. Due to this visceral playing, the song has strong roots in the history of the blues. Sorrowful verses begin and refuse to stop. A lament that builds and builds extends out toward the infinite. There is no moment of comfort, for this is a brutal piece. Far heavier than anything metal could hold a candle to, his delivery truly sells it, for the listener can hear the pain that informs each word. Like being slowly stabbed in the heart, he tells the tale of his woes, a lack of connection that makes him feel lonesome. For the final stretch, no comfort comes. Instead, it simply and brutally ends.

“I Wrote Hannah a Letter” has Pete Miller share the pain of his life with the listener in such a visceral fashion.